More Than Friends

This is a story about One Direction. Once they move to LA, they are forced to go to school. Everyone is super excited except for a girl named Keegan Hughes. She isn't much of a fan, and she thinks she's going to just ignore them. Then, she locks eyes with one of them, and her heart melts. Who is it? What will happen? Read it to find out!


4. Thank you


History class was a blur. And so was the rest of the day. The rest of my classes were with Keegan. I met her other friends too. They were all really pretty, and so was Keegan. I only had one class with one of the guys. I had study hall with Louis. Keegan was actually nicer than I thought she would be. She didn't like me though. I was going to get her to though.

She was gorgeous. When I walked into my first class, my eyes fell on her. I could tell she was avoiding eye contact with me, and I didn't know why. She has a bit of an attitude, also. I mean I had a bunch of girls that wanted to date me, but something was different about Keegan.

Finally the school day was over and Keegan led me outside, to my car. The rest of the boys were already there waiting for me.

"Thank you very much." I say to her.

"No problem." She says.

"Maybe you could give me a tour of LA sometime," I say with a smile.

"Haha, maybe someday Styles." she says with an attitude.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Hughes!" I scream.

"Haha, bye!" She screams back.

I hop in the car. "Damn. Who was that?" Niall asks. 

"Keegan Hughes. She gave me a tour of the school." I say.

"Well she's super hot." Zayn says.

"I know right?" Louis says.

"Yeah, damn." Liam says.

"Guys, back off. She's different. She doesn't like us though. I'm gonna try to change that. So just back off. But, she does have four friends..."

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