More Than Friends

This is a story about One Direction. Once they move to LA, they are forced to go to school. Everyone is super excited except for a girl named Keegan Hughes. She isn't much of a fan, and she thinks she's going to just ignore them. Then, she locks eyes with one of them, and her heart melts. Who is it? What will happen? Read it to find out!


18. Somethings up


Keegan's birthday is coming up soon and I'm working on a song for her that I'm singing for her at her surprise party. I hope she doesn't think I'm doing something bad. 


"I got it!" I yell.

I open it and see Keegan.

"Oh hey Keegz!"

"Hey babe." She says with a sad tone.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"Long day, but obviously you don't have time to talk about it." 

"Sorry love. How about tomorrow morning I'll take you out to breakfast and we'll talk about it?" I offer.

"Yeah whatever," she says with an attitude.

"Why are you so upset with me love?"

"Because Harry. You've already blown me off 8 times this week. So why should I even bother trying to make plans with you?"

"I've been really busy! I told you!"

"Yeah with what? homework? Because the Harry I knew a week ago would not have been doing homework on a Saturday. So what are you up to?"

"I wanna tell you, but I can't."

"Why? We tell each other everything!"

"I just can't!"

"Maybe we should take a break," she says heading towards the door.

"No Keegan please don't go," I beg.

"Then tell me what you've been so busy with."

"I really can't," I say.

"And to think I thought you were different. You're just like everyone else," she said.

"Keegan don't! I love you!" But I was too late. She was already out the door.

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