More Than Friends

This is a story about One Direction. Once they move to LA, they are forced to go to school. Everyone is super excited except for a girl named Keegan Hughes. She isn't much of a fan, and she thinks she's going to just ignore them. Then, she locks eyes with one of them, and her heart melts. Who is it? What will happen? Read it to find out!


12. Our date


There was only an hour left til Harry was coming to pick me up for our date. He won't tell me where he's taking me, but I think it's somewhere secretive. I was already ready. I curled my hair, so that it was kind of wavy. I was wearing peach colored jeans, and a long sleeved lace shirt. I was wearing my combat boots, and I was wearing a bit of makeup. I decided to watch TV while I was waiting. I was watching Buckwild, and the time slipped and then I heard a knock on the door.

"Hey Harry," I say opening the door.

"Hey Keegan, you ready?" 

"Yup! Lemme just grab my bag." I say. I grabbed my bag and locked the door on my way out. I hopped in his car, and we were on our way.

"So will you tell me where we're going now?" I beg.

"Nope. It's a surprise." he says while winking.


"Damn, you must really hate surprises," he says. I nod.

"Well, that sucks," he says with a smile and starts to laugh at himself. He turns on the radio and their song "Little Things" came on and he sang, but only his part. The only part I know really well is Niall's part. Thinking Harry was singing along also, I started singing Niall's part. Once it was finished I loomed at Harry and his mouth was wide open.

"Keegan! You can sing really well!" he says.

"Ha thanks, you're not too bad yourself."

After about another half hour, we finally got there. It was an open meadow with a blanket in the middle. He grabs my hand and takes me to the blanket.


We finished eating.

"So Keegan, tell me about yourself."he says.

"Ok, well, I live with my best friend Angie. Umm I guess I'm smart. I used to play lacrosse and I was a cheerleader but I gave those both up for singing. Umm I've always wanted a boy to do cheesy things for me. My favorite color is blue. Singing is my life, everything goes away when I'm singing. I mean, all those mean names, and shit I get from people at school, they all go away. I can be myself, and nobody can judge me. It's just an escape for me, you know?"

"Actually yes, I do know. You just explained how I feel about singing, perfectly," he says.

"Your turn," I say.

"Ok, well, I've been singing for as long as I can remember, I tell really good jokes, apparently I'm a huge flirt, and I would do cheesy things for you, anyday," he says with a wink. I smile and blush. He's so cute! And he feels the exact same way as I do about singing. Maybe we do have a chance together.

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