More Than Friends

This is a story about One Direction. Once they move to LA, they are forced to go to school. Everyone is super excited except for a girl named Keegan Hughes. She isn't much of a fan, and she thinks she's going to just ignore them. Then, she locks eyes with one of them, and her heart melts. Who is it? What will happen? Read it to find out!


22. Birthday


TGIF! Oh and TGIMB! Thank god it's my birthday! I still haven't made a decision about Harry yet, but I don't want to think about that today. I wish I was having a party, but Angie doesn't want me to have one at the house, so the boys invited me over for a little get together. Should be fun!

Great. All my classes are with Harry today, just what I need. Well I'm not tryna cause any drama. 

'ok what to wear...?' I think to myself. I see the really cute sundress that Harry bought me a couple of weeks ago, I haven't worn it yet. Maybe he won't even notice that I'm wearing it. I curled my hair a bit and walked downstairs.

"Damn! The birthday girl is looking hot!" Angie said.

"As always! Hurry let's go or we're gonna be late for school!" I say.

We hop in the car and arrive at school.

Apparently the news is out that I'm single, because boys from left to right are asking me out and to prom. I say no I have some decisions to make.

I walk into history class and all eyes fall on me. I'm just looking at Harry. Everybody starts to sing happy birthday and I just smile like an idiot, then I take my seat.

"Damn Hughes, you look good in that dress. Who bought it for you?" Harry says with a wink.

"My ex," I say with a wink back.

The rest of the day was a blur. More boys hit on me, Harry and I talked. It was like the good ol' days.

I got home and jumped in the shower. I blew dry my hair and straightened it. I put on another dress, but it was more for the evening.

We drove to their house and I walk in and all the lights are off.

Suddenly they all turn on and "SURPRISE!" 

And I see Harry sitting on a stool with a guitar and a microphone...

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