1. Youth

Youth, a time soon gone by,

a frailty, a frippery, a fault,

a time of innocence, naivety.

A time of weakness or freedom?


I remember from years gone by,

a time were brown eyes sparkled

and my hair like soft spun gold

waved behind me in the breeze.


A time when no cares held me

and I ran into the running wind.

I laughed at the world's worries,

a time of freedom and gaiety.


But now the world seems full,

full of cares that hold my attention,

full of worries that overwhelm,

full with no time for freedom,


Where has the time of youth gone?

it has faded like mist on a breeze.

In its place has come wisdom

the time old custom of age.


But my mind remembers its youth,

it rejoices in its own freedoms.

It is determined to go back there

to reclaim the youth I once had.



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