Help Me

We're a normal family. My Dad's just sad about my Mum. My twin, Aaron, is going through a tough time, but he'll figure everything out, I know it. And, well, my older brother, Jack, is just finding himself.. I'm sure things will get back to normal soon.
It has to.
*warning* strong language used


3. Chapter 3

My breath hitches in my throat, my hand coming to my mouth. "Jack, come on. Stop joking around." But his face is so serious, I'm not sure if he is.

"I'm deadly serious, Kiera. Stop bothering me, or I'll make that gay prick wish he'd Never. Been. Born."

"But he's your brother!" I stutter.

Jack laughs. A cold, hard laugh. "He's no brother of mine."


"Hey, Dad?" I say quietly, gently pushing the door open and tiptoeing inside the darkened room. A pile of bottles lie abandoned next to the bed, a stain next to them, while a mound curls up under the creased duvet. "How are you doing?" This was how I determined his current state of mind, as he had two. Drunk, or hungover.

Dad rolled over, unshaven and dirty, eyes unfocused as he blinks at me. "I got a smasher of a headache, love. Could you get me some painkillers?"

Hungover then.

I sigh and walk over to the window, pulling the curtains open a crack, Dad moaning behind me. I pick up the discarded bottles and straighten the sheets, walking towards the door. "Sure," I smile. Dad manages a weak grin, before rolling back over and burying his face in the pillow.

I rinse out the bottles and grab my school bag, calling up for Aaron. Jack works in his mate's garage, though his shifts are constantly on and off, and I feel as if he might get fired soon. Aaron hurries down the stairs, picks up his bag and opens the door, sweeping a bow as he holds the door open for me. I shove his shoulder and walk out, pulling the door shut behind him. We walk to the bus stop, chattering about various upcoming lessons and continuing on the bumpy journey.

We reach the school and I see Amy and Sophie waving at me from the side of a building, gesturing for me to come over. "Well, have a good day," I say a little awkwardly.

"You're not my mum!" Aaron smiles, then his face falls as he remember. We stand in silence for a moment, caught up in our own memories, before jerking back to the real world.

"Bye," I grin, then open my arms, nodding at him. He sighs dramatically and lets me hug him, squeezing me back. "Stay out of trouble," I whisper in his ear, then release him. Aaron waves as I walk away and I smile wistfully back, before catching up with Amy. 

I hope he can find some friends today.


We walk out of class, while I am still trying to shove my books into my bag, that I am wishing was bigger. "Listen, you go ahead," I say, dropping my books to the floor and sighing. 

Amy and Sophie turn back. "Hey, you sure?"

I grin at them, reaching down to pick them up. "Well, we'll see you by Oak," Amy called back, then they continued ahead. Letting out a deep sigh, I stuff my books into my bag and stand up to catch up with them, but hear some faint noises coming from behind me. 

Pausing, I look backwards. All there is is a corridor and a door at the end, leading the back of the playground. Still the noises continue, small yelps and cries, then someone talking. Bullying? It's always a possibility. Right, I'll just take a small look, then get a teacher. 

My breath quickens as I tiptoe down the hard floor, the noises getting louder as I get closer. I reach the door and take a small peek through the frosted glass. There's a figure on the floor and 2 standing above him, though I can't distinguish more than that.

They won't hurt a girl. They won't hurt a girl.

I slowly push the door open, poking my head around it to get a closer look. I breathe in sharply as I see the figure on the floor. Blood is smeared across his face, nose at an awkward angle. His arms are blackened with dirt and have small crimson spots dotted on his sleeves, while his trousers are ripped. Then I get a closer look at his face.


Losing any fears or previous thoughts, I run over to him and grab his arm, pulling him out of the way of another punch. I recognise his attackers as Jake's friends, both of them turning to face me as I attempt to pull Aaron away. He moans and looks up at me, blood spattered in his hair. "Kiera," he groans.

I tug him to the side, hoping that they'll let us go, and leave him in peace. "Hey, don't help the faggot." One of them calls.

"Yeah, he deserves it. Leave him be," the other one adds. They laugh as I attempt to drag him further, but cannot handle his weight.

I turn back, praying that I can persuade them to go. My heart races at the thought of what could happen otherwise. Swiftly, without thinking, I push them aside and pull him towards me. "Aaron. What have they done?" I put my hands through his hair, hoping they will just disappear.

They don't.

Suddenly I'm pulled away from Aaron and thrown to the ground. "She's just as pathetic as the faggot," one of Jake's friend's laughs, coming towards me. I'm closed in on. "Run Aaron." I mutter, pushing him behind me.

"Never," he utters, staying put.

I'm pulled away from him and am thrown to the floor. "Make sure Aaron doesn't move. I'll deal with this one." Laughter shoots into my ears.

"Run Aaron!" I scream as I'm punched. Again. Again. Again.

Suddenly everything seems to blur and I see Aaron, not running away from me, but towards me. Then I notice Jack. He's yelling at his friends. I can't make out what he's yelling at them but I can tell he's angry.

"Only my faggot of a brother! Kiera's a girl, you dickheads!" I hear, making me look to Aaron. His hands tangle themselves in mine.

"Aaron, are you OK?" I whisper, weak. Darkness covers my eyes before I can hear Aaron's reply.


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