Help Me

We're a normal family. My Dad's just sad about my Mum. My twin, Aaron, is going through a tough time, but he'll figure everything out, I know it. And, well, my older brother, Jack, is just finding himself.. I'm sure things will get back to normal soon.
It has to.
*warning* strong language used


2. Chapter 2

Ding ding. I manage to push myself up from the sofa and find my way to the door. I pull it open only to see Sophie and Amy grinning up at me. "Surprise!" They chuckle, finding their way into the front room without asking me if they're allowed in. But I'm used to it, so I just giggle as I follow them in. They're linking arms with Aaron all of a sudden, smiling to him.

"Mornin'," they greet him with happiness. "Come on Kiera! Sit with us!" They laugh, persuading me over. I sit next to Sophie as she takes out her hair-band, making her black hair fall downwards, before putting it, like a bracelet, on her wrist.

Amy admires her hair for a second, complimenting over it, before turning back to me. "So," she says, "how's Jack doing?" Her facial expression changes immediately, as she knows what Jack can be like. I bite my lip for a moment as I hear keys turning in the door. Jack gave all his friends' keys with any money that dad had left. I told him that was for meals. He didn't listen.

I hear male laughter for a second as they yell up to Jack. I can hear him running down the stairs then chuckling. "Hey man!" They all laugh, probably, knowing them, high-fiving him.

I hear as the footsteps come nearer to the door. I take a big sigh. "Oh, this retard still here?" One of Jack's friends ask, looking down at Aaron like he's merely nothing and they're gods.

"Unfortunately. I'd expect him to be out, looking through women fashion magazines." Jack bursts out laughing, as do his childish friends.

"Shut up," I hear Amy say.

"Yeah, shut up." Sophie agrees, standing up. "You have no rights to go around, making someone sad just because you're jealous of how nice they are."

Amy stands up too, looking to Sophie for a second before turning back to Jack. "Aaron's cool unlike you. He knows how to make people smile. Unlike you." Amy gives Jack a dirty look before turning back to Aaron.

Jack just laughs. "You think you're know-it-alls!" He grins. "I make my friends smile."

"Because they're idiots too," Amy explains.

"Yeah but they aren't brainless like you!" Jack high-fives the boy next to him, grinning to himself.

"Brainless? How can she be brainless when she stands against you, like this. That's pretty smart." Sophie tells him.

Jack laughs again. "You know nothing. I'm an adult. I have authority." Jack has authority? That certainly isn't true. I start to laugh at that before Jack goes up to me.

"Jack, I want to talk. In private." I tell him, gulping. Aaron looks at me as if I'm mad. I probably am.

"OK. Sure, loser." Jack winks at all his friends before following me into the kitchen. "What is it?" He asks, grabbing a cigarette from his pocket that he got earlier.

"Can you just stop making Aaron's life a living nightmare? Can't you be like a normal brother and support him? Why do you have to be so horrible?" I question, a single tear slipping from my eye. Mistake.

"Aww, is little Kiera crying?" At least I get called by my name and not referred to as 'faggot' or 'retard' every day of my life.

"Shut up." I say. "You're just jealous of how, your younger brother, is doing much better in his GCSEs than you ever did! He's getting constant A*s whereas you? What did you get? Let me think. One C and the rest were fails!" I yell at him, angry with rage.

"If you don't shut up, I'm going to rip that little faggot to pieces! And I mean it."


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