Help Me

We're a normal family. My Dad's just sad about my Mum. My twin, Aaron, is going through a tough time, but he'll figure everything out, I know it. And, well, my older brother, Jack, is just finding himself.. I'm sure things will get back to normal soon.
It has to.
*warning* strong language used


1. Chapter 1

I snuggle closer to Aaron, wrapping the fluffy blanket around my waist and grabbing a handful of popcorn. He puts his arm around me absent-mindedly, mouth chewing slowly as he stares at the screen. Aaron had sneaked a tenner out of Dad's wallet, while he was passed out on the couch, and rented us Romeo and Juliet. Jack was still out, which I think he was grateful for.

"I love this scene," I sigh, kicking my slippers off and bringing my feet up onto the sofa. "Leonardo Dicaprio just looks so sexy, it's unbelievable."

He grins back at me. "I know, right? I mean, his floppy hair." He shudders dramatically.

Aaron came out a few weeks ago. He'd sat me down, nice and gentle, and told me that he liked boys instead of girls. I'd hugged him, and told him that I loved him no matter what. Eventually he'd told his mates, who had all abandoned him, too freaked out by it. Dad had remained indifferent, as he did to anything, while Jack. Well, Jack was Jack. He's still coping with the news.

At first, it was a little strange. Knowing that my brother likes the same gender as me. But it's turned out brilliantly. First off, he acts a lot girlier. It's like having a sister. He's started gelling his hair, which is good, because it used to look like something had died on it. Then, he and I could talk about the same things. If so and so liked me at school. Why Robert Pattinson's hair was to die for. Half crying over the latest celebrity break-up.

I jump as I hear the key twist in the lock, spilling kernels of popcorn everywhere. Aaron laughs as I fall off the sofa, onto the carpet. Huffing loudly, I began picking up each fluff-coated piece, throwing each one at his head.

"Is Dad conscious?" Jack calls out, heavy metal thumping loudly from his headphones as he strolled into the room. He set down a bulging bag of bottles on the messy table and scowls as he sees me on the floor, and Aaron drooling at the screen. Well, not exactly drooling, but he had the look in his eyes.

I hiccup loudly, letting forth another stream of giggles. "No, he's upstairs." Aaron laughs, and I collapse onto the floor, body shaking with each hiccup.

"Aaron, we all know you're a faggot, but do you always have to act like one?" My giggles stop instantly and I stare open mouthed at Jack, unable to believe he would say that. Aaron stops laughing and stares down at the blanket, rubbing it between his fingers and his face flooding with heat. 

I clamber back up onto the sofa and hug Aaron, glaring at Jack over his shoulder. "I'm going out for a fag," Jack calls out, and I hear the back door shut behind him. A tear slips down Aaron's cheek and I wipe it away, squeezing his shoulders hard.

"Don't listen to Jack," I tell Aaron. "He didn't mean it. He's just recovering from the news, it's a bit of a shock for him."

Aaron manages a weak laugh, his face twisting into a small smile. "Yeah," he replies uncertainly, though I can see the pain in his eyes. 

I stuff a handful of popcorn into his mouth, then smile as he coughs it back up, laughing. "See, cheer up. It'll all be fine. Now, come on. Let's watch the Fancy-dress party scene, that's my favourite."

So I pull the blanket back over us and rest my head on his shoulder, hoping that Aaron is okay. He laughs at all the right points, smiles at all the jokes and cries along with me at the end, though I use up far more tissues.

But I can still notice his hands shaking.

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