Would You Be.

Ebony Nicole finds her self trapped inside a elevator with no other than Harry Styles. Don't get her wrong. She loves him. But she was suppose to go to a valentines party were her friend had promised her that she would find the love of her life. But she doubts that. but what will happen on this years valentines day.?--Help me win the competition about the 1SHOT41D.. please. . i would appreciate it.


1. Stuck

I pushed the button to the elevator. I was on my way to my friends Valentines Party. Were she said that i would probably meet my prince charming which like i highly doubt. No one will ever love me. I'm not like those other girls around here in Australia. I'm just different. Not the typical girl you would meet down here.The doors opened. I stepped in. I pushed the number 6. The doors started closing. Someone's hands came in between the doors. They opened again. Woah. Bright green beautiful eyes glared down at me.

-Oh sorry

-It's.. It's fine.

I stumbled to get the words out.I moved so that he could get in the elevator.. He had brought some luggage's with him. I guess he was staying here or something..

-Oh sorry. I'm Harry. Forgot to introduce myself.

-Hey. I'm Ebony.. Ebony Nicole

-Ebony? Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.

 I smiled. Oh my god. I am freaking out right now. I love him so much and i just.. i just can't believe that he is standing right here in front of me. 

-I love you


-Nothing.. So where you off to?

He laughed 

-I just came to visit my friend Niall. He's staying here for the week.. what about you?

- Just came to my friends valentines party.

And out of no where. like seriously there was a sudden shake. The lights flickered. I grabbed the bars. But the elevator shook and i wasn't able to hold on.But Harry caught me before i fell towards the ground. He looked me right in the eyes. His beautiful green eyes are just so.. gorgeous.

-You are beautiful.. Did you know that

I blushed at his comment. I wanted to kiss him. so bad. but i couldn't. i didn't.

- Thanks.. 

-- 30 Minutes Later--

 - Ahhh when will this stupid elevator open.!! 

-Babe don't worry about it.. its going to open up soon. i called the firefighters and they will be here.

-Harry I can't stay here any longer.. I have some where to go to. 

-Don't we all.. wait don't you want to be here with me..

-Harry.. I never said that. 

We heard a noise. and looked automatically towards the elevator doors. They opened. Oh thank god.

-Thank you
i started walking down the hall. i realized that i was on the 3rd floor so i had to go up the stairs.

-Ebony wait.!


-Can.. Can i come with you.. I just got a message from Niall saying that he wasn't at his flat. 

-Uhh sure..

-i'll be your date then. 

I smiled. And grabbed his arm. And helped him with his stuff. we arrived at the party and i introduced Harry to all my friends. Which half of them already knew who he was. Since I talked about One Direction a lot. We danced and drank and just had so much fun. Harry just didn't take his eyes of me. I know that for sure. And no i wasn't staring at him the whole time. . well maybe. . Harry walked over to me and i lost my train of thought.

-Want to dance?

-uhh sure

Harry grabbed my hand and walked me over to the dance floor. Locked Out of Heaven was playing when we started dancing. But then Just The Way You Are started playing. Oh no. I started walking back to my seat. when Harry grabbed my arm

-Where you going? don't you want to dance this song with me.

-Its kind of slow.

-yeah. i know. but ill make the best of it. .. please come back

i walked back and danced with him. He placed his hands on my waist. and i placed mines on his neck. I stared at his beautiful green eyes the whole time. They were just gorgeous.. I couldn't keep my eyes away from him.

--3 Hours Later--

The party was almost over. And many of my friends were gone. It was probably like 1 am... So it was Valentines day already. I was helping Emily clean up the mess that we made. . Some of our friends were knocked out on the couches or on the floor. We cleaned around them. . Harry grabbed my hand when i tried to reach for an empty cup. 

-Can I talk to you for a while.. outside..out in the balcony.?

-Yeah sure

I left the trash bag near the door. and followed him out

-Ebony.. I just want to tell you that...


-That.. i know that i just meet you but i think i'm falling in love with you.

-what? are you serious.?

-Yes.. would you be.. would you be my valentine..

i smiled. he gave me a rose... i cant believe The Harry Styles is asking me to be his Valentine. 


He picked me up and hugged me tight. So tight that i could have lost my breath. When he let me go. He gave me a sweet kiss.. I think I'm going to die.. This has been the best Valentine's Day ever.


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