The Wise Eye

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2. Mixed Signals/Shes Changing

Problem-   Hi I'm Katie and I like a guy and he has a Gf but it seems he likes but when I asked him I he did he said he didn't and I feel hurt and I have liked him sense 1 grade and his Gf was my bffl until a new girl came in and know the girl had changed help?!? -Katie

Answer- Well it looks like your in a jam. Boys can get very confusing sometimes! He acts like he likes you but he tells you he doesn't while he has a GF. So... if you and him were friends since first grade and he acts like he likes you then he probably really does like you but since he has a Girl Friend he doesn't admit it. You should really find a way to tell him how you feel. Sorry if this sounds kind of cliche, but it is the best way to to solve this problem. The same with that girl. Tell her that she has changed and ask her why she has changed so much. This may solve all your problems! Hope I helped! <3 -Kaity

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