Neon Book 2: Missing

Where she was and where she wasn't, that is the question. The search goes far.


6. Huh?

I sit by a tree and look at the file. It says grades and blah, blah, blah.

Nothing important here. I look at the other evidence I find a few notes and papers in the classroom.

Note 1:

Fight Fight Fight!!!

Note 2:

She doesn't stand a chance.
Note 3:

Fight at 3:15

L & J

Who's L and J? Lazuli? Who else?

This can't be good. If the L was Lazuli then she must have run away from the fight. Where could she be?


Time to search a 1000 feet radius of the school surroundings. I call over my private helicopter. I haven't used it since I was 10. The driver is obviously Mister.


The perimeter of the school is a rectangle. There is a few neighborhoods and forest land. Easy choice the forest. I've dealt with runaways.

It's just been over 24 hours so she has to be near.

Trees, trees and more trees and a abandoned cabin. Nothing important here folks. Wait a minute, abandoned cabin?

The helicopter lands and I rush out. The cabin looks rusty and worn down. I kick the door open but nothings inside. Tough luck. Maybe checking the radius of the cabin might be a good idea.

There she is, passed out: Lazuli.



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