Neon Book 2: Missing

Where she was and where she wasn't, that is the question. The search goes far.


4. Here!

Well I knew this wasn't going to be easy...I would normally kick the door down but there were guards blocking the entrance. I have two options:

A: Use my graphling hook to climb over the building.

B: Knock the guards down with my karate skills.

I wasn't going to do any of those.

I sat hi to the guards and walk right in. Not so hard was it?

The hallways seem dark and never ending so I turn on my flashlight and take out a map of the school.

Right now I'm on the first floor but I need to get to the seventh floor.

I decide to take a shortcut. I'll just have to go in the vents and in I go.

The vents are spacey so I can crawl nomally. I've been in vents before when I had to do the detective training course.


After a few minutes I'm at the seventh floor. With a flashlight in one hand and a map on the other I proceed down the hallway. Oh no! I hear footsteps. I have to hide but there's no where to hide! I think quick and run into a classroom.

I close the door behind me and stuff myself in the closet. I see shadows coming through the door window. I hear voices just outside.

Someone is turning the door knob very slowly. I'm frozen in position.



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