I'm seventeen! I don't need a sitter!

Seventeen year-old Alice moves in with her Grandma after being kicked out of four schools in the United States. Her parents had enough.
Her grandma willingly takes her, where she straightens her out. She's been there a year and her grandmother starts dating an older star, Simon Cowell. He and Alice's grandma decide to leave for a year long cruise! Leaving Cleo alone.. What happens when Simon hires her babysitters?


6. Yeah. So screw you.

"Fuck off, and get the hell out of my house." I spat. John honestly looked hurt, but I didn't care. Andrea left two hours earlier. She got my statement, but John wouldn't leave. He just wouldn't. He slowly made his way out of my bedroom; hoping I would find pity on him. Sick bastard. He slowly opened the door and looked at me, his usaully bright green eyes looked dull, lifeless. "Out. Never ever come back, or I will have you fired." I said. "Damn.. I sounded mean.. " I thought. No time for a consious. He shouldn't have done that, he shouldn't have asked. My mind wandered to our conversation.

"Alice I understand you've been through a lot, but please descibe to me what happened to you." Andrea said, her voice was very soothing and sweet. She had a softness about her, despite her appearence. She wore a pair of black leather leggings, and a tight white t-shirt. She had a shrug on, also black. It matched her long, dark hair. Her eyes were so interesting, a light tan with green dots. She was very pretty, and such a feminine personalitiy. Then there was John. The name had thrown me instantly into a wave of nausia, my stoumach rolled and flipped. They were both sitting with me in my room, they had interviewed Niall at the hospital. So he wasn't here; even though I had begged for him to be. "Honey, he'd infulence your answers, and we can't have that." Andrea tried explaining. I didn't get it! I NEED Niall, I need him.. I really do. I felt the sting of tears, but I locked them inside. "Andrea" I began......

I was in tears at the end. "I was about to give up, but I closed my eyes and waited. But nothing happened." My voice kept choking up, and I stumbled over my words. Andrea let a couple tears escape, and I swear I could have seen a tear slip from John. The way John looked just stuck out to me, I have no clue why.. My brain isn't connecting anything.. Ugh!! "I think you've said enough Ally, love. I'll be going." Andrea said as she hugged me. I smiled the fakest smile ever, she bought it. "Alice?" John said trying to get my attention. I looked at him. "Yeah?" I asked. He still stuck out, I can't tell if it's good or bad.. He took a deep breath and said "Are you from Detriot?" I felt dumbfouded.. Is it obvious? I mean originally yes, but how'd he know? The social worker swore up and down nobody knew!! She swore that she erased it from my records when I moved with nana!! My anger instantly turned toward him. "How the fuck did you know that?!? My social worker had it extracted.." I whisper-yelled. He stayed quiet.. "I probally know more than I should Ally." He said, he sounded serious; which only scared me more. "Your mother used to lock you in the backyard, you cried until she let you in." I instantly gasped. "When you got older see let her.. 'clients' use you." He was bring up things I shoved to the back of my mind. Things I have locked away, things I may have even forgot about. He made me remember. "John, leave. Now." I said, the tears streaming down my face. He grabbed my shoulder, and said  "Ally! Don't you see?!? Are you blind?" I instantly snatched my shoulder back. "Do not ever touch me again. Don't even come near me." I spat. He just looked at me, his eyes searching mine. "Fuck off, and get the hell out of my house."

I felt someone sit down next to me; next thing I know, a pair of lips came crashing into mine. I kissed back. Their lips felt soft, and they were plump. Whoever it was slowly slide their tounge inside my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Zayn Malik staring back at me. He smiled and began to softly laugh. "Well, I think this means I win." He said with a smirk and a wink. "Game on Malik" I challenged. He winked at me, and slowly made his way to my door. "Oh and get ready, Liam's taking us out for dinner. Nothing fancy. Kay?" He said, making sure I was listening. Just as soon as he came, he left. He left alright; left me confused. I slowly smiled, I gotta get fucking dressed!

I slowly straightened my hair. I felt warm, and honestly I didn't want to go downstairs with crazy people. "Ugh!" I moaned, as I got up to slip on a white sun dress. It had really light fabric, and I braided my bangs, and wrapped them around my head. I put on leather sandles, and ran to my mirror. "Perfect" A voice called. I turned to see Harry lurking in my doorway. I smiled at him, but seriously these boys need to aquire the skill of knocking!! "Ever heard of knocking? Ya' know,like a gentleman?" He began to laugh. "Gentleman? I'm always a gentleman!" I shook my head.. "Oh, OK Harry!" I said ina sarcastic tone, which only made him laugh more. I began to put on some mascara, and he slowly inched behind me, whispering softly in my ear "I never told you, but I find you extremely attractive." Instantly I recieved chills. "Until later Love" He said as he slowly left a kiss on my neck. What the fuck is wrong with these boys?!? They all must be seriously be suffering from so illness.. I don't know.

I slamed the car door as I got out. "Seriously?" I said in an annoyed tone. Louis laughed, "Come on! They have a play place!!" Liam just drove us to Mcdonalds, I got ready for Mcdonalds.. I exhaled quickly and tried to lighten up. "I'm just gonna get five sets of fries and ten sandwiches." Liam shouted. I just shook my head, "Get me a chocolate milksake!!!" I screamed across Mcdonalds. Louis eventually carried me into the play place. "Put me down! Now!! I swear to gosh, I'll beat you!" Louis put me down and threw his shoes at me. He ran past a group of kids, and into a tunnel. Niall, Harry, Liam, and Zayn were watching me. I bent over to undo my shoes. Harry ran up and grabbed my ass. "God damn you Styles!" I screamed as he vanished into the tunnel, with Louis. Then I saw Niall run past me, "Give it back Niall!!" Liam screamed. I smiled as Liam threw his shoes off and joined me at the entrance to the tunnel. "Partners?" I asked Liam with an extended hand, He grasped it. His hands were huge!! "Partners."


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