I'm seventeen! I don't need a sitter!

Seventeen year-old Alice moves in with her Grandma after being kicked out of four schools in the United States. Her parents had enough.
Her grandma willingly takes her, where she straightens her out. She's been there a year and her grandmother starts dating an older star, Simon Cowell. He and Alice's grandma decide to leave for a year long cruise! Leaving Cleo alone.. What happens when Simon hires her babysitters?


5. Princess.

Niall and I have been here four, or five days, I think. Everyday is the same thing, they throw food in our little room, we eat, and have an hour before I have to leave. The things they make me do get worse and worse each day. I am fearing that Andrew would lose it, and hurt me in a way that can't heal. Still Niall never told me what they'd do if I didn't listen, the thought of asking puts pains in my stoumach, the kind that you can't get rid of. Like rocks sinking to the bottom of your stoumach.

"Niall, they're coming." I said burying my head into his shoulder. He wrapped his warm hands around me, and I felt safe. Even though that feeling didn't last. Andrew burst through the door with a big boyish grin on his evil, hateful face. "Hey skank!! You ready to play?" Andrew asked grabbing my wrist, yanking me away from Niall. His face looked so hurt, and ashamed..  Andrew dug his nails in to my skin, leaving more marks. "Andrew Stop it!! You're hurting me!" I said, trying to plead a lost cause. I tried to fight back against his strong grip; I thrashed around, punching and kicking him, doing anything to escape. "You still think there's hope for you, don't you?" He said. At that point, realitiy struck. They would keep me here until they got bored, and They wouldn't let me go. So that means, when they get bored of me.. "No! Don't think like that. Stay strong!" I lectured myself.

We were walking towards the door, Andrew dragging me. Bobby, the big guy, came for Niall. Niall walked with him willingly, well as willingly a prisioner can. I closed my eyes, and remembered when Andrew was kind. When he loved me, and now he is only wanting to cause me pain. "Andrew." I began. He looked at me with amusment in his eyes. "You're going to rot in hell for this." I guess my statement pissed him off, cause with great force he hit me. My cheek stung, and it was a bright red.

Edwin and Austin were fighting. I could barely here them. "We have to let her go Austin! We're hurting her!" I heard Edwin yell. There was a pause and Austin replied in a serious tone "How the fuck can we let her go? We're in to deep, there's no turning back you idoit." Edwin shouted "The plan was we'd drug her, then let her go before the drugs wore off!! We said nothing about keeping her, or keeping that blonde guy!!" I decided to stay silent, I looked back to check on Niall. He was listening as well. "God Damn you to the firey pits of  Hell Austin! You will burn for this." "I'm going to church." He yelled, and I heard a door slam. Austin shouted after him "Who needs you? Let the games begin!" I felt sick to my stoumach. "Let the games begin.." The words echoing in my head.

"Gentlemen, today Alice is taking requests. Anything you want, she'll do." Andrew said, and began to laugh. Something inside me broke.  I stood straight up and slapped him, the sting of his flesh on my head. I felt my blood pump a thousand times faster. My pitiful blow, did nothing but make him laugh. "You bitch!" He swung his fist and knocked me down. I finally broke; I felt myself shake, and the tears slide slowly down.  "They were going to.."  Andew ripped my small rags from my body, and I burst into tears. I didn't care anymore. I didn't care if I looked weak. I am weak, and there's no hope left. No Prince in shinning armor is going to save me, no one can save me!

"Niall.. help.." I whispered. Niall tried so hard to get to me. With all his strength, he broke free from his hand cuff, and darted towards me. My hero finally emerged. Well until Bobby grabbed him. Seeing this, Andrew threw me down on my knees. "You're prince can't save you now dearie." He mocked, unzipping his pants. "Don't bite it, Princess. If this hole won't give in, I know one that will." He said, his voice sounding darker. His eyes looked black. He slowly put it inside me, and I instantly felt rage. I bit down as hard as I possibly could. I grinded my teeth on him. I heard him scream in pain. "You should have listened princess." He knelled next to me, and I felt his hands on my waist. They were rough, and he wasn't gentle at all. I felt the tears slide down my cheeks, as I watched as Niall try breaking free from Bobby. Bobby had him tight, no escape. Andrew laughed, but I never felt him inside of me again. I just laid on the ground, with my eyes open, but I couldn't see anything. I felt the darkness crawl it's way into my eyes, and heard a loud noise., but I couldn't open my eyes. Something warm worked its way around me.. I heard loud bangs; people fighting. I heard Andrew yell, and then silence. Peaceful silence. "You're safe now, Alice." I felt warm lips on my face. Giving into the darkness, I fell asleep. I fell into a deep sleep. A deep beautiful sleep.

Agent John's P.O.V~~~

"Those sick fucks." I stated, over looking the crime scene. It felt like an addiction ever since I got this case. There was something about that girl, it ran my life and it even worked its way into my dreams. It just seemed crazy; like no matter what, I had to find her. Find her alive. My partner was worried I was personalizing this case. She knew I had a connection with it. "Who would do that to another human being?" I asked aloud. Of course nobody would answer, I was alone. Not completely alone though. My new Partner was in the other room.

Andrea was tall, maybe four inches shorter than me, I am 6"3' She had honey-colored eyes, and the blackest hair. She was very sane, sensible, and comforting. We were paired up, cause I'm almost her opposite. Almost? No, I am her opposite. In everything. I have blonde hair, and bright green eyes. My hair is naturally curly. Her's is straight, and extremely long. Being an agent and all we keep in shape, and she has an extremely nice body; Not that I checked or anything.

I thought about the case in my head; trying to clear my head of her. Three males between the ages of eighteen and twenty kiddnapped a female and a male. The female had brown hair, and bright emerald eyes. She was pretty. "Alice-Mae Evergreen." I thought, I loved the name. I don't know why though..  She was only seventeen.  Six years younger than me. The male Was Niall Horan, an international popstar. He was eighteen, had golden-brown hair, and bright blue eyes. Millions and I mean MILLIONS of girls would be disapointed if Niall came up missing, but what can you do?

"John, we have to go to the Victims house. Boss wants a statement." said Andrea. I nodded; I was still in deep thought. We headed out, Andrea snatched the keys to our shared car out of my back pocket.  We were up for a long day, and I think we both knew it.


"Alice? Please wake up." I heard Zayn say. He was sitting with what sounded like Louis. "Do you think she'll wake up soon?" Louis asked, he sounded differnt, almost sad. He then turned and looked at me, I could feel the heat of his gaze on me. I wish I could spring up and run over to hug them, screaming  and yelling, now I need to stay quiet and listen.

"Lou?" Zayn asked. Louis was silent "I think we should call Simon and put in a request to move." I felt my body shake. How could I move again?!? I knew it was to good to be true. I knew it. I loved it here, but now I have to leave. I felt the sting of tears, but I held them back.

"Ally!! You're awake!" Louis screamed. He ran to my bed and hugged me. He was warm, and smelled terrible. He looked like he had been here for days without a shower. "Ally?" I croaked, my voice rough from lack of use. "Yes, that's I'm going to call you." He said with the biggest grin.

I smiled back, but my relief didn't last long. "Where's Niall?" I whispered. I felt my heart beat ten times faster, all these thoughts flew through my head. Was he hurt? Is he safe?

Louis just sat there and looked down. I shook him. "Somebody say something!" I yelled. Niall! Where's Niall. I felt like I was sprialling down, my body felt weak. "It's all my fault. He's hurt because of me!" I said in a barely audible whisper. Zayn shook his head, and Louis wrapped his arms around me. He still stank, but I didn't care. "Niall will pull through. We won't leave you, and neither will he." Zayn said as he repeatedly kissed my forehead. I sighed, slowly shut my eyes.

*Knock Knock*

"It's the doctor." Zayn said, as he walked over to open the door. I instantly woke up as I heard this. I thought of Niall and I began to cry, Niall isn't here, and I need him. I need him! The tears were flowing freely down my face. I didn't even care what anyone thought. I was in pain; I might lose someone I care about, I didn't even know how he was. He'd still be healthy if I wasn't so stupid. Zayn and Louis were talking happily with the doctor, but I didn't care. They even yelled my name, but I didn't care. It felt like I was in a trance. Everything that wasn't in my direct vision was blurred. The tears were so hot, and I was so cold. Suddenly a hand wipped one of the many tears from my face.  I looked up to see a pair of blue eyes. "Shhh... Don't cry, Princesses don't need to cry"  A shot of happiness, joy, and electiticty ran throughout me, getting into my thoughts. I leaped up and wrapped my arms around Niall. "Do Not EVER leave me again." I whispered in his ear. A smile grew on my face and his.

Two Hours later.~~~~~

"Home at last" I yelled at the top of my lungs. The boys' smiled. I was so happy just to be home. I smelled the air, and collasped on to my couch. Feeling all comfy, I decided on having a lazy day with the boys. But before anything happened I demanded they all take showers; they reeked. "Guys.." I began, they all turned to stare at me. "Yeah sexy?" Harry asked with a smirk and a wink. Liam hit his arm, making Niall and Louis giggle/ "As you were saying?" Zayn said looking annoyed. I shook my head said "You guys seriously need a shower. Like now." I was holding my nose and Harry gasped and ran to the downstairs bathroom. Hopefully to shower.

I walked across the hard, cool, wood floor into my room. I had to admitt, Simon set me up quite nicely. I had a big mirror, it had a white wooden frame like everything else in my room. I had a wood floor, and lavender walls with a white boarder. I had black and white paintings, and some pictures of me and my friends. My bed was huge, I had white bedding with purple pillows, and stuffed animals littered my room and bed. I had a white music station, I listened to a lot of All Time Low, and random pop junk. I was never really into fandoms; So I never obsessed with a band or singer.

I walked into my bathroom and turned on my silent shower. It was a clear walk-in shower. My bathroom was the same size of my old room with my mum. It was a decent size, bigger than most girls bathrooms. It matched my bedroom's theme; purple and white. I had vanilla candles scattered around my bathroom. I slowly slipped off my clothes, and threw them into my hamper. I checked the water with my hand and got in.

I wrapped myself in a big plush towel, and brushed out my wet hair. I was blow drying my hair and was listening to a new band I haven't heard of. Simon told me to listen to them before my sitters arrived, but I forgot. When my hair was finally dried, I was humming along with the music. I never noticed the door was open, I started applying some mascra and lip gloss. I still haven't got dressed, but I guess it really didn't matter.

"I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British" I sang aloud, I just hoped the boys couldn't hear me downstairs. I continued singing, and slide off my towel. I walked into my room, and walked into my closet. I slide on some black lace panties and a red bra with lblack lace on it. I forgot my dark blue ripped skinny jeans on my couch. I started singing Little Things, I have to admit I was rocking it. I stepped out of my closet to retrieve my jeans. I couldn't find them to save my life. I was bent over trying to find them, when I heard a whistle, followed by a couple of cat calls. Niall, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis were sitting on my bed. "Damn!!" They all said in unison. Again? Ugh!!! I quickly shoved the all out, "Get out! Get out! Get out!" I said as I pushed them out the door. I quickly threw on a black cotton, long sleeved shirt. I undid the first four buttons and showed some cleveage. I finally found my jeans, and I slipped on a pair of bright green socks. I shook my long curls, fixed my bangs that covered most of my forehead, they went to the side. I smiled with my bright white teeth, and left my room to lecture some boys!

"You guys have a really bad habit of walking in on me half-naked." I said, acting like it was normal. Everyone flew into a fit of giggles. "How could we resist?" Louis said, "You're sexy!" Harry added. I smiled and shook my head. "Sorry about that.." Niall said, his face was a bright pink, and he was biting his plump lips. "It happens Niall. No biggie" I said, messing up his hair. "So.." Zayn said, and I shrugged.. "Anyone up for milkshakes and a movie?"

"Alice!!! I wanna watch Toy Story! "Liam asked. This amused me; this was the first time Liam actually sounded immature. I nodded my head, cause Toy Story was personally my favorite Disney movie. We had all decided on Toy Story and Mama. I was sitting in between Zayn and Niall. Zayn did the "Classic" yawn, and wrapped his arm around me. "Two can play at this game." I thought. I slowly whispered in Zayn's ear "Two can play at this game." using my best seductive voice. He had the most desperate look on his face, I guess I did somethings. I put my hand on his knee, and slowly squeezed it. Everyone knew what I was doing, and found it to be extremely funny. "Almost there." "Go for the kill" I thought. I slowly inched my hand across his thigh, right before I reached his upper thigh, He yelled "You win!" and ran off to his room; making me smile.  

 When Zayn left, Louis quickly took his place. Harry decided it would be funny to sit on me. "Ally!" Harry yelled when he landed on my lap. "Do you want to have the same fate as Zayn?" I threatened. He smirked "I'd win anyway" "I can turn you on like a light switch, and you'd ride me like a pony!" He bragged. I just shook my head "Have it your way." I quickly shoved him on to the floor and go on top of him. His breathing quickened, and he tensed up. I started kissing his neck, until I found his soft spot, I nibble his skin there, and he moan softly. "What were you saying before?" I said when I got up.

Niall and Louis decided it would be funny to tickle the fuck out of me when I ruturned to my spot. I love being tickled, but I pretend to hate it. I screamed "Stop it!! I'm going to kill you guys!" I honestly thought I was going to die!!  It was like 10 minutes of being tickled before Liam finally saved me. He picked me up with swift and gracefulness and ran away from Niall and Louis. It was quite entertaining, if you ask me; seeing them run after me. "Now you're all MINE" Liam seductivly whispered in my ear.

 When our little war was over, I felt my tummy growl. "Harry!!!" I whinned. Harry looked up at me. "I'm starving! Go. Make. Me. Some. Food. Now!" I demanded. "No. You didn't say the magic word." I smiled. "Please?" He cocked his head to the side. "No! The magic word was Harry Styles is the best looking guy in this room, but you were close, and I take pity on you. So I'll make you some food." I squealed in enjoyment. "Yay!! Harry!" I said. He stood up to walk to the kitchen, I quickly ran up and hugged him. He smelled really good, I like the cologue he's wearing. "I looooovvveee you!" He quickly kissed the top of my head and retreated into the kitchen.

"What about me? Ally?" Louis asked with the saddest puppy dog eyes ever, and what kind of monster could resist puppy dog eyes?!? "Mister Louis, you're a moster. But alas I can't resist puppy dog eyes so I love you too." I quickly kissed his cheek. I ran over to Niall, and jumped onto him. "Niall, you're my prince, and I love you." I said and went to go kiss his cheek. He turned his head, and I kissed his lips. I quickly retreated.. "Uhh.. Sorry." I stammered, as I jumped off his lap, and almost fell. Harry and Louis stared at me from the kitchen. "OOOOOOO" They both said, and I felt my cheeks betray me, and turn a bright pink. "After all I did, I don't get a kiss too?" Zayn said, making me jump. Grrr..

*Ding Dong*

"Who the hell is here?" I asked. Thankful for a distraction. I turned to look at Niall, who looked shocked and his cheeks were still pink. He was chewing on his lip. The doorbell rang again, leaving me with a bad feeling in the bottom of my stoumach.


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