I'm seventeen! I don't need a sitter!

Seventeen year-old Alice moves in with her Grandma after being kicked out of four schools in the United States. Her parents had enough.
Her grandma willingly takes her, where she straightens her out. She's been there a year and her grandmother starts dating an older star, Simon Cowell. He and Alice's grandma decide to leave for a year long cruise! Leaving Cleo alone.. What happens when Simon hires her babysitters?


7. Partners.

"Liam! Wait up!" I called after him. He was on a serious mission. I squealed when he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I felt his muscles pulsing under me; I never realized how nice his body was. "Umm.. Alice?" Liam said, uncertainty in his voice. "Yeah Liam?" I asked. He looked at me with his big eyes, and had a boyish grin on his face. "Are you.. uhhh.. Checking me out?" He said half-laughing..... Oh Shit! I kinda was! "Oh.. Uh.. Kind of." I said with the color red creeping over my cheeks. Just then I was shot in the ass with a dart gun. "What the fuck!" I called, and Liam looked at me and was probably going to tell me how I shouldn't swear, because there is little kids, but before he could begin his lecture, a dart hit him right between the eyes. I jumped off Liam and began to laugh. Then it struck me, why was he chasing Niall? "Hey Liam." I said, recovering from my fit of laughter. "Why were you chasing Niall?" I asked with curiosity in my voice. His face turned red, and he yanked the dart from his forehead. He took a long pause and we began to walk farther into the red tunnel. "Niall took my phone.. I was texting my mum.. I miss her." My beating heart just got a tug. "Awh! Liam that's adorable!" I said with softness in my voice, I embraced him in a hug.

Suddenly I heard a voice. "Hands off my woman!" Harry came running out from behind a corner with a dart gun; Shooting me and Liam. "Damn it Styles!" I screamed. I chased after him, followed closely by Liam. I ran and ran but Harry was to fast. Bam! Genius struck me. I tripped and fell into a wall. "Ow! Haaarrryy!" I called in a whiney voice. Harry froze and turned around. "Harry! My ankle!! My ankle!" I yelled. He ran over to me. "Oh my god Alice are you okay?" He asked, and touched my shoulder.  "God damn it! No! Go get Niall and Louis." I said in a bossy voice. He quickly ran up a padded yellow flight of stairs. "Liam! Get his gun!" I called, and Liam smiled. "Payback time." I said in an evil voice. Minutes later Liam disapered behind a blue pillar, and Harry came down the stairs with Louis and Niall. Louis came running to my side. My hands began to sweat on the plastic gun I held behind my back. "Harry Niall, Come here." I said in a low voice. They all came close, time to say the keyword. "Guys, I think it's time to go" I said rasing my voice. Liam jumped out and shot them with darts. I quickly jumped up and grabbed Louis. "Niall give me Liam's phone, or Louis gets shot." I had a small dart gun held to Louis head. "Don't do it Niall! I'll be fine!" Louis yelled. Harry grabbed the phone away from Niall and stuck it down my shirt. "Just don't hurt him!" Harry screamed in an overdramtic way. I began to laugh, and my finger slipped; pulling the trigger. Louis screamed and fell to the floor, with a dart stuck to his head. "Damn it" I said.. "Didn't mean to kill him" I shrugged and shot Harry in the head.  Niall tried to run away, but Liam caught him and shot him. Liam and I bro fisted and ran out of the tunnel screaming.

Zayn was chilling at our table; spinning on a chair. "What happened to you two?" Zayn asked smirking. I stuck my tounge out at him. "Liam and I just had a heavy make-out session. Jealous?" I asked smirking. He opened his mouth wide. I turned to look at Liam who had red cheeks and was equally suprised. "I'm only kidding, Liam's to innocent for that." I said in a seductive voice and walked over to Liam and kissed his warm cheek.

"So Alice truth or dare?" Harry asked smirking. I paused for a second. We finally got done eating, and Liam drove us to a park. We were all sitting in the grass, Niall had his head in my lap, and we were all playing a game of truth or dare. "Umm.. Dare." I said with uncertainity. Harry began to laugh, "I dare you to take off your dress, and run through the entire park." Wait what?! Uhh. No! I stopped and froze. My body was paralyzed. I saw a big figure walking through the park. He had dark black hair and blue eyes. He held something black and made of metal in his hand. Time froze around me, I felt something rip through my shoulder. I heard laughter, dark laughter. I heard shrieks from mothers and children. I slowly felt my eyes close. "Somebody call 911! She's shot!" I heard a normally quiet voice yell. I slowly closed my eyes, I instantly felt warm; comfortable. I wanted to sleep.


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