I'm seventeen! I don't need a sitter!

Seventeen year-old Alice moves in with her Grandma after being kicked out of four schools in the United States. Her parents had enough.
Her grandma willingly takes her, where she straightens her out. She's been there a year and her grandmother starts dating an older star, Simon Cowell. He and Alice's grandma decide to leave for a year long cruise! Leaving Cleo alone.. What happens when Simon hires her babysitters?


11. Lust turned to regret.

I stretched my limbs, slowly opening my eyes. My curtains were open and a boy sat on the edge of my bed. He had watched me sleep. "Alice, uhh sorry" he quickly said with a tint of red shooting to his cheeks. His toned forearm went behind his head and lingered there momentarily. I smiled at him, "It's okay Louis" I slowly pulled on a tank top and a pair of shorts, silently complaining about my lack of sleep in such an unfamiliar place. I slowly inhaled and placed my blonde curls on my right shoulder. I heard Harry downstairs cooking. "I'll be down in a second.." I thought. I made my way to the big window in my room. I touched the cool glass and searched the lawn for entertainment. I saw Liam walking into the back door, greeted by Niall. I watched as Niall walked a food the lawn, and picked a sunny spot to lay. I gazed at him, I felt some strange, foreign feelings spread across me. He instantly sat up and looked directly at me. My pulse quickened and I gave him a shy smile regretting my spying. He waved at me and I quickly closed my curtains. "Alice!" Harry had made me a breakfast of pancakes and light crisp strips of turkey bacon. I gladly shoved every last bite down my throat. Harry sat on a counter in my caverous kitchen, watching me eat. Soon as I finished Louis appeared next to Harry. They quietly chatted and Harry stomped out of the kitchen, obviously unhappy with their talk. "Alice do you wanna do something today?" Louis asked with a dry mouth. I slowly smiled, he was cute.. My stomach protested but I ignored it and agreed. My deadline for preparation was 12:00. Laughter of children filled my ears and the sweet scent of cotton candy filled my nose. So Louis took me to an amusement park. Typical boy behavior. We walked ul to an entrance with a sluggish teen waiting to take our money sat. He eyed me up and Down, before he had a chance to speak, Louis wrapped a toned arm around me. My stomach once again protested by doing backflips, It was silenced when Louis began to speak, his breathtaking accent filling and caressing my ears. He bought us all day bands good for every ride. He slowly slipped his arm across my lower back sending a chill through my body. The warm wind brushed past us and we walked in comfortable, yet awkward silence. "Lou." He turned and looked at me, his gentle green eyes searched my face. His hand reached up and he touched my face, moving a curl away from my eyes. "Yes, Love?" I felt my insecurity come in and my eyes quickly switched to the ground, checking out my feet. Louis cupped my chin, "Look at me, not your shoes. I wan to see your pretty face." Louis quickly pecked my cheek, with a gentleness about him. He grabbed my hand and led me onto the Ferris wheel, trepidation filled my body, we rounded through the air, and in like every romance we stopped directly at the top. I wiped my hands on my white skirt, grasping the lace in attempt to calm my nerves. My gymnast of a stomach flipped and bouced as Louis inched closer and closer. I felt myself fall into a trance, he whisked away my fear, yet I held back trying to resist something unknown. He kissed me. Our lips touched and I felt like a ton of cement blocks had landed on me. "Stop! Don't touch me!" He had let me go and I felt myself break, crack into a bazillion pieces. I couldn't breath. Stop! I felt arms on me rubbing my shoulders trying to comfort me. I felt wetness on my eyes, he touched my face. "Stop crying Love" Our cart stopped and soon as I hit the ground my body went into over drive, Run. I left him standing alone, I didn't look back. I ran until I fell, I laid on the ground as every memory flooded back. All the bad thoughts I locked away, all the people who hurt me, I laid on the ground letting tears wash over me. "Don't cry Love, Princess don't cry" a gentle swoop and I was in the arms of a gentle soul with beautiful eyes. He carried me to a farmilar place, and I cried. I cried for the grand injustice that had been my excistance, I cried because of the pain of not remembering it, the pain of my life washed over in nauseating waves I sobbed, my pain just flowed freely out. All of this still his hand gently rubbed my back letting me ruin his shirt with my make up, letting me cry. I stopped and looked him in the eyes. Regret turned to lust, I climbed ontop of him and kissed him, our bodies had passion shooting through them, I kissed his perfect lips, and felt my body shake and quaver. What am I doing? The lust full thoughts were regretted as I felt a tear, and watched it fall onto his face. I'm sorry, I ran from his room to mine. What am I doing? I closed my eyes am escaped to my dream world, where I was tortured by my thoughts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don't hate me! I'm sick and slept all day yesterday so I didn't update, forgive me? Anyways, favorite like and comment and tell me who does Alice love? Thanks for reading, I love you guys!! (: xoxo but no Homo... Maybe a little homo? No? Okay...

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