I'm seventeen! I don't need a sitter!

Seventeen year-old Alice moves in with her Grandma after being kicked out of four schools in the United States. Her parents had enough.
Her grandma willingly takes her, where she straightens her out. She's been there a year and her grandmother starts dating an older star, Simon Cowell. He and Alice's grandma decide to leave for a year long cruise! Leaving Cleo alone.. What happens when Simon hires her babysitters?


4. I'm broken.

I began to cry. Hot tears streaming down my face. Niall's gone, and it's all my fault... I felt faint, I could feel the world around me spin. Andrew stopped the car. He began laughing. I'm going to puke.. "Andrew.." I felt light-headed. "Where is Niall?" He laughed, even louder. He then snickered at my attempt to find him. "Alice, your little buddy Niall is closer than you think. I thought all three of us could have some fun" I began to see black in my eyes. "Don't sleep.. Don't sleep" I thought, my vision began to get cloudy, and I tried to fight off the drowsy feeling. "Fucking pain killers.." I thought. I was then out-cold.

When I finally awoke I felt cold; very cold. My vision was still blurry, and I figured Andrew carried me in here. Where I was is a good question. "Urrgh" I moaned, my side was killing, and the pain killers definitely worn off. I wondered what the time was.. How long was I out?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard someone else groan. Instantly I sat up, and regretted it. "My fuck! Damn it!! Arrgh!!" I cried in pain. My entire side was black; Covered in a huge bruise. I looked at my surrondings, trying to find who groaned, and figure out where the hell I was.

The walls were grey. Concrete, I think I was underground. The floor was dirt, and it was cold. I noticed that my clothes were changed. I had basically nothing on. I instantly felt queasy; did Andrew undress me? Did he touch me any where? I checked my self over, nothing wrong. Expect for the fact I was locked underground, being held captive by my Ex-boyfriend. You know, the usual.

I heard the groaning noise again, and this time I called out. "Are you okay?" I asked. I heard groaning again.. "Alice?! Where are we?" A voice called out. I couldn't see anyone. I was beginning to think I was imagining things, Until a familar blonde boy walked across the room and sat next to me. "Niall." I said in tears.

He looked terrible. Dried blood stained his baby face, his blue shirt stained, ripped, and dirty. He had a couple cuts, and a mark from when Andrew knocked him out. I hugged him and weeped into his shoulder. I was scared. 

"Niall, what happened? You know.. After I fell asleep." I asked, my voice shaking. I was afraid of the answer. He just sat there and looked down. "Alice. I don't know; We were driving along. Everything seemed normal, you know.. Harry texting some new girl he met, Liam lecturing Louis for making a dirty joke. Zayn and Paul were discussing how we would watch you.. But this huge truck pulled out infront of us. Blocking the road.. Paul made a sharp turn, avoiding it but.." He stopped, he looked like he was going to cry. His eyes were puffy, and he was choking on his words. I scooted closer to him, and he wrapped an arm around me. I looked up at him, and smiled. Trying to reassure him.

"Please continue. Please Niall" I said hugging him. His body began to shake, and a few tears escaped from his bright blue eyes. "Alice, the van rolled over. At least three times. You slept through it all, every last second.." He said in a shakey voice. I felt guilty; like I should've had to suffer the trama too. I felt bad for being asleep while the only people I have left are hurting..

"I'm Sorry Niall..." I said. He kissed my cheek. "You have nothing to be sorry about. We're in this together. No matter what. Okay?" He asked. I nodded my head. There's so much more I want to know.. But I have to wait. Niall's been through enough.

I fell asleep in Niall's arms. I dreamed of my neighbors, John and Anna. You see, my mom left me alone a lot, not wanting to hire a sitter. I always felt alone and hated when she left. I would cry, just sit there and cry until something stopped me.

Well, one day my mother locked me inside the back yard. I cried for what seemed like forever. My neighbor Anna peeked over the fence. Anna was a nice person, tall, with the redest hair you could ever see. She had bright green eyes and a pleasent smile.

I remember her sweet voice asking why I was sad. "What's a'matter sweetie?" Her voice rang out. I looked up, and was frightened. I slowly creeped up to the fence, and she put a hand on my shoulder. I explained to her that mommy was going to work and I couldn't get inside. She instantly took pity on me. I was nine at the time.

Anna had a son, named John. John was 15. I looked up to him, and found him to have no flaw. John had even offered to watch me when he could. I was excited. The first day John babysat we played house, and he treated me like a princess all day.

My mother made us move a week later. The only reason we were going to move, is because Anna and John wanted to adopt me. My mother ruined my first chance to be happy without her. It wasn't the first time and it definetely wouldn't be the last.

I awoke with a sharp pain in my other side. "Ah!" I cried. Andrew kicked me. "Wake up!" he yelled. I couldn't find Niall.. Where's Niall?

"Andrew! Where's Niall?" I asked. I just couldn't lose him again. I just couldn't. He started chuckling. "You'll find out soon enough." He said with evil intent. I was going to demand to know, but he yanked on my hair. Ripping some out. I cried out in pain, but he only laughed.

"Hurry up bitch, you're going to miss the show." He taunted me. He pulled me across the room to a flight of wooden stairs. He led me up, my hair still in his hand. My scalp began to sting.

We walked into a warehouse setting. Big wooden boxes, and large sliding doors. It looked sound proof, screaming wouldn't help me here. He yanked on my hair making me fall face first onto the soild concrete ground. "You club footed cunt!" He yelled, back handing me. I fell again. He just laughed, and hoisted me onto his shoulder, I tried to wiggle free but he wouldn't  let go.

"Hey boys! I got the star of the night!!" He teased. He walked into a smaller room, possibliy an old office. There was about four big chairs, and a metal pole in the middle of the room. They were going to make me dance on it..

I saw Austin Mako. He hated me, cause I would give it up to Andrew willingly.. Andrew ended up forcing me to.. He smirked at me. "Nice to see you Alice!" He called from across the room. I felt the sting of tears in my eyes, but I ignored it.

The next person I saw was Edwin. He got a lot taller, and much more buff. There was something else about him, but I don't know how to explain it. He looked almost sorry? Guilty? I was quickly distracted when I saw an even bigger guy come walking in with Niall.

"Niall!" I screamed, and broke free from Andrew. I ran over to him. The big guy threw him on the floor, and hand cuffed him to one of the chairs. He looked sad. "What did they do?" I asked, my voice stern. I felt hate grow in my stoumach.

"Alice, do what they say.. Or they're going to make.." He was cut-off by the big guy grabbing me. I kicked and screamed. I hit his back, and he just laughed a deep laugh. He put me down roughly, and siezed me wrist, hand cuffing me to the pole. He then turned and took a seat in one of the chairs.

"Well my dear men, Alice is going to preform for us." Andrew said in a announcer voice. I spit on him, he just wiped it off and laughed. He grabbed my face in his big, meaty hands, gripping it tightly. "Now Alice, be a good girl or you and your precious Niall will have to preform." What could I do.. I nodded my head in defeat.

I had to strip and slide and dance around the pole. I felt embarresed, degraded, and ashamed. Niall was forced to watch. Everytime I messed up or fell, they would slap me, and punch Niall. I tried my hardest to be unattaractive, so maybe they would like it.. Nothing I did helped any. It seemed the more I'd resist or give in, the more they enjoyed it.

When I was finally done they sent Niall and I into a make-shift bedroom. I instantly cried when we walked into the room. Niall smoothed out my hair and whispered words of comfort in a soft, sweet, subtle voice. I fell asleep crying, and dreamed of nothing.


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