I'm seventeen! I don't need a sitter!

Seventeen year-old Alice moves in with her Grandma after being kicked out of four schools in the United States. Her parents had enough.
Her grandma willingly takes her, where she straightens her out. She's been there a year and her grandmother starts dating an older star, Simon Cowell. He and Alice's grandma decide to leave for a year long cruise! Leaving Cleo alone.. What happens when Simon hires her babysitters?


10. Feeling fuzzy

Five sets of eyes pangged with pain, and worry. "I'm uhh.. Liam" said a tall on with short hair and brown eyes. A boy with the saddest face, and irresistible puppy dog eyes spoke up, "I'm Louis." I nodded my head, and gave him a small smile. The next to introduce himself had bouncy brown curls, and bright green eyes. "I'm your boyfriend, Harry!" He said proudly. How could I forget I had a boyfriend? How?!? "Boyfriend?" I said with a sad, shaky voice. Everyone in the room glared at Harry. "Harry!" They all said in unison. "Can't blame a guy for trying" he said with a shrug. I smiled and thought how Could I forget these people. I was thrown from my thoughts by a blonde boy, the one I saw outside my room, hugging me tightly. "I'm Niall" he said as he let me go. I was shocked by the embrace, I barely heard the next boy introduce himself "I'm Zayn love" said a boy that was tall, with black hair and tattoos. He was you're typical break-your-heart bad boy.

"How do I know you guys, anyway?" I asked with slight concern. "Please Lord, don't let them be my brothers." I silently Prayed. "Well, umm.. Love. We're your baby sitters." Liam said with slight hesitation. My stoumach dropped, and I couldn't believe this.. "How old am I?!?" I screeched. They began to laugh, and smile. What am I missing? I can't be any younger then them, I seen what I look like, I can't be young enough for a sitter. "You grandmother and your soon to be Step-grandfather hired us to babysit you while they're away on a year long cruise.. They send their love and prayers." Liam explained in a calm tone. Niall's phone began to ring in his pocket, he quickly retrevied it. "Hello? Yeah.. she can? You're kidding.. Alright.. Well thank you so much.. alright.. okay. I'll tell her...... bye." His quick conversation left him with the biggest grin, and his once dark sad gloomy eyes sparkled with light. "Alice, you can come home." I smiled slightly, "Home?"

"How can I afford this?" I said aloud, my voice full of suprise.  Louis grinned at me, "you're grandmother's now Husband bought it for you." He said proudly. I smiled at his warm green eyes, and his tan skin. He offered to take me home, while the rest of the guys went home and cleaned, and showered. Louis looked out of my window, and his gaze turned to fall on me. "Hey Ally, what was it like?" He asked with a quizzical look. I thought hard, and long; scruching my face in the process. Louis began to laugh, and with a quick movement he poked my face. "Well, umm.. Lou.. I felt lost, and.." I stopped, the look on his face changed from playful to serious. His eyes swirled with curiousity, and bekonned me to continue. "And.. Well I still do" I added grimly. Soon warm, strong arms were around me, and I was nestled into a sculpted chest; reminded me of greek gods.

My eyes were heavy, but I snapped them into obedience. I heard heavy breathing, and slow calm breathing came from under my head. Our driver, a middle aged man, with dark black hair and tan skin looked at me through the mirror. I gave him a small smile and he began to laugh in a deep British accent. "Do you know when we're going to be here?" I asked shyly. He smiled a wide smile, "Half'an hour, love." I nodded my head, and felt my stoumch coil and flutter, bouncing with the road.

"Louis, we're here.." I said my voice full of anticipation. He stretched and smiled, he looked sleepy. "Can I honestly tell you something?" I asked with careful words, as we began taking my bag out of the back of our yellow cab. "You look very attractive when you sleep.." I said with quick words, and hot cheeks. I walked to the window of the cab and thought of getting a job myself, for spending money, but who'd hire a girl with no memory?

I walked into a strange house that evryone said was mine. "Ally! Your home!!" Screamed four eager boys. Home? I don't know this place, it will never be my home.

Louis again lead me to my room, followed closely by four boys smiling and pushing and shoving, accept one.. He just looked lost.. "Here we are, your room!" Said and excited Louis. I walked into a a bright green room, with hardwood floors. a big window with white curtains, white whicker furniture, and a king size bed with white sheets and bright green pillows and stuffed animals. I saw pictures of a girl and her friends and family. She was happy and knew who she was, but she isn't me. I'm Lost.


Guise!! Sorry!! Favorite Like, it'll be much obliged, thank you (: So basically I'm having boy problems... :P If you wanna hear about feel free to ask in the comments, and tell me are you for Alice and Zayn, Alice and Niall, Alice and Harry, Alice and Louis or Alice and Liam?!? I'd love for some feedback and I'll update as soon as I can. It's the weekend so maybe sometime tomorrow or Sunday? Don't get your hopes up! XOXO but no homo!! (:


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