A Tale of Love Lost

Rosie has been asked so often about her sotries that she has finally decided to tell everyone the story behind her books about her youth and childhood. She is only 22 but in that time she has gained wisdom beyond her years. Love and loss form the background to what she hopes will be a lasting relationship.


3. A Chance At Love

Now I have a chance at love again I have been dating him for two weeks we met through some of my university friends almost a year ago. We became instant friends and I have told him bits and pieces from my past but this didn’t put him off and now we are dating. I can almost believe him when he tells me he loves me or that I look pretty. There is still a voice nagging at me but I try to ignore it.


We are going camping next week with all our friends we are sharing a tent but we have spate rooms. I can’t wait it will be the first time we are actually going out as a couple and I want it to mean something.

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