In Time

Ally had a regular life in the USA before she moved to a not so regular town called Doncaster in South Yorkshire, UK. On her first day, she gets a little too "close" with a boy named Louis in a way that is a bit awkward and freaky. What will she do when she finds out some unexpected news about her family?


6. 6. A Coma?!?!

Ally's POV

I walked over to him. "What happened?" He repeated. "Okay, this is gonna sound crazy but…he ran into a pole!" I said. "A POLE?" Louis exclaimed. "Is he gonna be okay?" Louis asked. "We'll, he's sorta in a… coma." I heard a voice say. I whipped my head around to see a doctor standing behind me. "I just came to tell you." She said. Louis's jaw dropped. "A-a c-c-oma?" Louis stuttered. "We should... tell his parents... and umm his… friends." I said. Louis slowly picked up his phone and dialed Harry's family.


I couldn't believe my best mate was in a coma. And it was MY fault! As I dialed Harry's mum, I wondered what I would say to her. ""Hello Louis!" Anne's cheery voice greeted. "Anne, I. He-h-h-h- he is in a-a coma!" I stuttered. "Oh God. No. NO!!" Anne wailed. I could hear her start to sob. I felt like a massive failure. I couldn't believe I did this to my best mate. "Harry's at the hospital. W-will you come meet us here?" "Of course, dear." Anne said, sniffling. "Of course."


I watched silently as Louis phoned Harry's mum. I heard wailing through the phone. I could see that Louis was on the verge of tears. Poor kid. Obviously he and Harry were very close. I couldn't believe this softie was the same confident, sassy Brit who'd snogged me earlier today. I watched Louis hang up the phone and look down. "Look, it wasn't your f-" I started. "YES, IT WAS!" He hollered. All my fucking fault! I sent him!!" I looked up and softly whispered, "Why?"


I couldn't believe I had just hinted to Ally that I liked her. She obviously saw a piece of crap when she looked at me. I was surprised when she softly asked why I sent Harry. No sassy remark or snotty scoff. But I couldn't let on that I liked her any more. So I looked down and muttered "None of your beeswax." "Oh." Was all she said. "Oh."


What was I doing? Why was I being nice to this brat? And why was my stomach filled with little butterflies? This CANNOT be happening. There is NO way I'm falling for Gooey. I needed to snap out of it. All of a sudden a car zoomed into a near parking spot. Out hopped a young woman, who, by the fact that Louis recognized her, I assumed was Anne, Harry's mum. Her cheeks were streaked with tears, her eyes bloodshot. This poor, poor woman. I'd feel even worse if her son wasn't Harry.  She walked up to Louis and embraced him. They were evidently close. I awkwardly stood there, staring at my Toms. "Well, umm, I guess I'll go … wash the blood off my Ferrari." I interrupted. Anne broke away from Louis and practically begged "Oh no, sweet, please do stay. Please?" I couldn't say no.


I heard Ally say she was going to leave, and honestly, I freaked out a bit. I needed Ally to stay. Just seeing her brightened my thoughts a tad bit. I was relieved when Anne asked her to stay. When she gave in, I let out a deep breath. The three of us turned toward the hospital and walked in.


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