In Time

Ally had a regular life in the USA before she moved to a not so regular town called Doncaster in South Yorkshire, UK. On her first day, she gets a little too "close" with a boy named Louis in a way that is a bit awkward and freaky. What will she do when she finds out some unexpected news about her family?


5. 5.The ER


What an idiot! He ran into a fucking pole!!! And it might have been my fault! I was screwed. "Mckayla! Jimmy!!! Help me!!!" Mckayla and Jimmy came running over. "OMG, is he dead?" Mckayla asked. "No!" Jimmy protested. "He's breathing." "What happened? He ran into this pole?" Mckayla questioned. "Mckayla, I'll answer your questions later. Get him into my car!!" They carried Harry into my cherry red Ferrari (it was a birthday present). "Shit. He's getting blood in my car." I muttered. Mckayla slammed the door shut. I rolled down the window. "Where's the fucking hospital?!" "Down the route for about 2 miles, turn right, drive straight. It'll be on your left." Jimmy informed. With that, I sped off.

I was in the dark. I needed a way out. I looked around for any dot of light.

I glanced at my watch. I was a bit nervous by the fact that Harry hadn't returned. Maybe Ally hadn't… taken it so well. Maybe she kidnapped him. Who am I kidding? I was worried Ally had fallen for him and they'd decided to… never mind. All of a sudden my phone beeped. It was a text from Harry's phone. 

Even though it was illegal, and even though I hated Louis's guts, I decided to text him to tell him what had happened. I reached into unconscious Harry's pocket. And found his phone. I composed a text to Louis. "Harry is uncouncious. Meet me @ hospital. -Ally

Harry was unconscious? What had happened? I sprinted to my car, ready to go to the hospital. I sped to the hospital. 

I rushed into the emergency room. "Unconscious… kid…ran into a pole… in my car…HELP!" I panted. 3 doctors rushed to my aid. I sprinted to my car with them. They picked up Harry and zoomed into the building. I turned around and saw Louis standing by his car, eyes wide. "What happened?" He mouthed.

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