In Time

Ally had a regular life in the USA before she moved to a not so regular town called Doncaster in South Yorkshire, UK. On her first day, she gets a little too "close" with a boy named Louis in a way that is a bit awkward and freaky. What will she do when she finds out some unexpected news about her family?


3. 3. What A Lunch!

*at lunch* I walked into the Cafe. It looked like a fucking mad house. You could see all of the clicks bunched together at a table, all of them cheerleaders. The jocks at another table shoved each other. "Ahhh. Just like my old school." I mumbled to myself. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a hand gesture me towards them. Amy was directing me to her table. She was sitting with 5 boys. I slowly trudged over to her and plopped down on the bench. I scanned the table and saw a baby possum looking boy, a curly haired boy in a beanie, a puppy dog faced boy, a boy stuffing his face with his lunch and ERMAGERD the perverted boy from the bathroom. This lunch was going to suck.

She sat across from me. The girl from the bathroom. All I could do was stare at her. She just looked beautiful. She suddenly looked up at me, I could see the hatred in her eyes. She still looked stunning to me.

He kept starring at me. "Take a picture, it'll last longer." I sneered at him. He took out his phone and actually took a picture of me. What an idiot.

All I could help do was stare at how my best mate stared at her. So that must be the girl from the toilets that he wouldn't shut up about.

I was the sass master for gods sake, c'mon I just had to do something sassy back to her sneer. So I took out my phone and took a picture of her. I thought it was funny but I guess she didn't. "Nice to meet you too. Oh by the way, the name's Louis Tomlinson." I responded to her snoty remark. 

I walked home alone in the rain. What a 'great' day. I made out with some guy named Louis, everyone knows, and I had to eat lunch with him. I don't know. Maybe if he hadn't made out with me randomly, I could say he was cute. But, no. He's just some idiot."I'm home!" I shouted as I slammed the front door behind me. Why should I even bother. She's never home anyway. Oh well I meant my Mom is never home. She works in the afternoon until the night. My older sister, Mckayla, is usually at her boyfriend Jimmy's house and my dad passed away 5 years ago. (I know. My sister has lived here for less than a week and she already has a boyfriend) I ran up the big wooden staircase to my room. My room was really big, the biggest in the house. I still hadn't even unpacked half of the boxes, even  though I moved here a week ago. I called up Amy and invited her over. (we had gotten much closer after lunch.) I threw on some sweats, a loose American flag tshirt, and my black converse just as the door rang. ( 


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