In Time

Ally had a regular life in the USA before she moved to a not so regular town called Doncaster in South Yorkshire, UK. On her first day, she gets a little too "close" with a boy named Louis in a way that is a bit awkward and freaky. What will she do when she finds out some unexpected news about her family?


2. 2.First Day

I stormed out of that bathroom as fast as I could, and I felt my face turning redder and redder. I couldn't believe that bitch had the nerve to fucking kiss me!!!! 'Damn it, i forgot my bag in the bathroom.' I said to myself. I quickly turned towards the bathroom and ran into a tall pretty girl. Her brown hair was pulled into a tight bun, "I'm so sorry!" She apologized in a British accent. "It's ok, my name's Ally." I quickly replied, "I just moved here from the USA and today is my first day." "Oh hi Ally! My name's Amy." Amy responded. "Why were you in such a rush anyway?" Amy questioned. "Long story," I quickly answered. She smiled and walked away as I pushed through the doors to the bathroom. My red jansport backpack laid on the black and white tiled floor, just the way I left it. 

She was beautiful. And she wore the same outfit as me. She was a mini me! To bad I didn't know her name.

After I had walked away from Ally, I repeatedly heard her name come up in different conversations. I kept hearing ' she made out with Tomlinson.' I am so confused!


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