In Time

Ally had a regular life in the USA before she moved to a not so regular town called Doncaster in South Yorkshire, UK. On her first day, she gets a little too "close" with a boy named Louis in a way that is a bit awkward and freaky. What will she do when she finds out some unexpected news about her family?


1. 1. New Girl

It was a regular Monday at school for the sass master, that is until my best mate, Harry, dared me to walk into the girls toilets and make out with the first girl I saw. After a lot of fighting and arguing, I finaly agreed and said, "This should be good!"

I was in the girls bathroom fixing my long blonde hair and ajusting my fringe, when the door burst open.

I barged into the girls toilets, confident and ready to have a make-out session with a lovely lady! As I walked in, I saw a girl with raggid navy blue Tom's on her small feet and red jeans on.( ) I didn't even look at her face, but I had a feeling she was beautiful. I grabbed her face and pressed my lips against hers. I could feel her face heat up, she was blushing. She tried to pull away but I held her face tight in my hands. She smacked my hands away and then slapped me across the face. "Owww!" I screamed!

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