A boy may die and his only family member may live.


3. Truth

Syd's POV

I lean agenst the wall "So,it is peralisis?"I ask astonished

"yes,it is. and it seems stoping-"I cut her off

"NO we will NOT stop my brothers heart!"She pats me on the shoulder."I never said we would. I will come back in 1/2 an hour to cheak on the both of you."She walks away.


I am sitting in my brothers room when Dr.N enters, she cheaks his viatles, seming satisfied she turns to me. "Take your shirt off."

"What?"i ask sitting up,that was a odd question

"Off, Shirt, I want to cheak you vialts,go do it.NOW"I hear the Docter voice so I listen

She listens to my breathing and heart. When she backs up, I relly look at the women. She is two years older than me, and kinda cute. "I want to cheak your vitals every day."She gose to leave and toses me my shurt.i notice the little sway to her hipes.


Laura Neville's POV

*woah Thoses are some musels!WOW!!.Woo,Keep it cool.OMG,So Hot!Focus,Save the little boy then start daydreaming!Keep it together girl*I take his breathing and heart rate, he is fine but I am not!


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