A boy may die and his only family member may live.


2. The Call

I am sitting in History, about halfway through my day, when I get a call. My phone vibates in my pocket, I NEVER get called. I glance at the called ID:Saint Judes Hospital Scrools across my screen I anwser it,even thought I am in class.


????;Hello,Syd?This is Dr.Neville. I take care of your brother....

Me;oh,What happened?(I begin to get upset and signal the teacher to hold on and leave the room)

Dr.N;Well,it seems your brother has taken a turn for the worse, he is now in ICU. his heart stoped and he began to flail when we tried to help him, even though his heart stoped....it was as if he was possed....*in the background I hear screaming*Uh,I must,uh.Bye-


But it was too late she had hung up. I ran into class and grabed my stuff "Mr.Adell please-"I cut the teacher off with a "My brother almost died" and I ran out the door, down the hall, down the stairs and out the door to my car. I may have broken a few laws on my way there.

I burst into the ICU room the nurs pointed out "WHAT HAPPENED?"I yell at the docter.

"Shhh,Come with me Mr.Adell."We walk into the hall

"Well?"I stand and cross my arms.

"You brother all of a sudden died,his heart stoped for 10min before we could control him long enuf to get his heart pumping. We could not get him to be still. It was as if his heart had to stop for him to move. I think his coma isn't natrul, I think someone put him into it, while trying to kill him. I am thinking poison that was out of his system by the time you found him because we did blood test when he got here."She finishes with a sigh

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