A boy may die and his only family member may live.


1. School

Syd's POV


I wake up to the constent beeping of my brothers heart rate moniters,*YAWN*I stearch and walk over to his bed, "I have to goto school little buddy,see you later."I kiss his forhead and leave his hospital room.


As I drive to school I think about my brother....I have some questions no one can seem to anwser. Why is he in a comma? How did it happen? I even had a investagation started. I told them what I am about to tell you...

Our mother and father had died two weeks before this. I went to get my 10 year old brother up for school, and he wouldnt wake up so I called 911, the docters could do nothing, they think it was his way for surpressing his parents death. I am adopted. They had truble having kids, they adopted me when I was 14, I hated them at first but then I loved them as I would my real parents. When they became pregnet I got worried they would get ride of me, but they didnt....I became more important to them even, When I turned 15 they had him, my brother Willam. So now, I practaly live at the hospital. I am 20 and he is 10 now. I feel like he hasent aged and I have.

I walk into the school. Tired and sad as usual. People know not to bother me because I have a short temper now. But I have one frien-"Hay Syd!What up my Brotha from anotha motha!?Lovin the new style, grunge, I luv It!"Their he is, my best frien scince I was 12, Gabrial, Gab for short. He is black, and always has the Mr.T look, mowhawk and cool side burns.

"So,Gab what do we have first this morning?"I ask him standing at my locker,my teachers have finaly stoped treeting me special, I no longer leave during lunch to see my brother nor do I get to leave school early.

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