A boy may die and his only family member may live.


4. Dreams

Laura's POV

After we get used to the ruteiness of our days, I soon relize that Syd isnt going to school. So, about a day after I notice this I deside to talk to the kid. I walk into the room 212, ICU. "Syd, I want to talk to you." He glances at his brother "He will be fine. Have you had lunch yet?" I ask as Syd fallows me. "No." Was his quiet anwser. We walk down to the cafeateria. I sit him down and grab us some food.

I had grabed some random food, so we can share. I push the tray tward him, "eat"I tell him and he picks at the fries. "So, I noticed you havent returned to school recently. You should go back and get caught up."I look at the sad and desolet boy. he has no replie. I let him pick at the food and wach him. His golden brow hair is shagy and he has stubble covering his chin. Very rugged. He dosnt smell to good though. Finaly, he looks up and caches me staring and I look away blushing.

Syd's POV

I look up from the food she bought and she qukily looks away blushing. "I am to worred about my brother, that is why I ant going to school."I shigh and push the food away and flip my hair from my eyes "Thanks for the food, but I need to get back to my brother."I got to stand, but she reches out and grabs my hand. So I sit. She looks me in the eyes. "You need to get cleaned up, and go to school. Go Home and clean up. I promise I will wach your brother.I will try to keep him safe, just go get cleaned up. " Agein I sigh. I had sold the house to get money to keep my brother here. Instead I tell her "I cant, it isnt I dont trust you. It is just a problem of,um,of,um well..."I scrach the back of my head, and continue extreamly nervois. "Um,well it is a matter of a house that I no longer own. I have clothes, but they need to be washed and-" The Docter cuts me off with a look "You can us the employ showers, and let housecleaning clean your clothes." She gives me a $50 "And go get a hair cut.And real food"Looking at the cafeateria stuff I agree with a laugh. "Yes Ma'ma"I was alway taught never to argue with a woman that used that tone of voice, so off I went to house keeping to get my clothes washed, then to the showers to clean up.

I walked out to my car. I start it and drive across town to the barber.


Laura's POV

After he walks of to go do whaterver he is going to I let out the breath I was holding, and I rub my hand because it tingled. WOW!I have never felt this way befor! I hope he takes my advice,that is for sure. I walk up to Willams room. I look at the boy and walk out to the nurses station.

 "Hay, Helen who do I have as patints?"I ask the head nurse on duty. She looks at the my list and hums a bit "You have Mr.Adell, and it looks like that is it. hmmmm,that is interesting. usally Docters like yourself have ten of twelve patints."

She shrugs and returns to work. I walk away thinking about the boy then turn back "Um,Helen, can you make him my priority and get every test known to mankind done on the kid? I plan on saving his life." She nods and sets to work, then stops.

"Um,Dr.Neville who do I send the bill to?"She looks woried. I take action and say "Me" Just as an alarm gose off, and it is coming from room 212. "Oh,SHIT" I run into Wills room and start trying to sedate the kid, who is flaling over the place, but he seems awake. I hear him saying one word over and over agein "Crash,Crash,Crash" Over and Over.

We finaly got him under control and he is looking around when Syd walks in, and seeing what is going on runs to his brother. "Will,are you ok,can you rember anything,how do you feel?" he askes the over welmed child.

I look at the heart rate monitor, and their is a flatline, "SHIT, I need a difibulater,NOW PEOPLE!!!!!!!" I yell and Will anwsers Syd

"The last thing I rember is waking up because someone is holding a rag over my mouth,then, then they stab my neack and ingecting something, and as the world gose dark they run away and jump out the window, and after that I rember voices and and black space. Syd,where am I and why am I so cold?" He askes in a very quiet voice. "Will,you are in a hospital, and you are,um,dead. you have no pulse." Both boys start to cry. I yell "CLEAR" and zap will, his heart starts beating and he disapears into his subcounsis agein.

Syd looks at me with tears in his eyes and then he askes "Why did you just do that? He was alive and he was talking to me!" With every word his voice grows louder. "Everty one, please leave I would like to talk to Mr.Adell alone." Everyone leaves

"Syd,he was dead and talking, we had to restart his heart. Ok,calm down." I walk up to him and pat his arm to comfort him, but he grabs me in a hug, sobbing into my sholder.

After breaking away from him, although I was reluctent I had to, I told him "Your brother is going to have every test known done, and don't worry about the money just get some sleep and go back to school. Ok? First,sleep then talk to me. Then, go back to school. Learn and relax for a while." He nods, wiping his eyes and I walk out of the room.

After I walk from the room Helen runs up to me, "Dr.Neville, um, do we still do the tests? And do you still want to be billed?" I look at her and nod "Yes, still do the test and bill me. Can you have a cot set up for Syd, maybe in another room so you don't bother him, I am perscribing sleep for him." Helen ran to do as I asked. Now to find some rest for myself.


Syd's POV

A nurse comes into the room and askes me to fallow her, she leads me to a employee locker room type thing with coats set up so Docters can take naps, I see Laura down father, sleeping. The nurse,whoose badge says 'Helen', points to a cot and she tells me "Dr. neville is perscribing you sleep, and yes she can, so sleep."

I lay down under her wachful eye and as I fall asleep I see her leave. I sleep deeply, but with nightmares of my brother comeing to life, but not living. He gets up, but he has no life in his eyes, they are empty, and he walks toward me asking "Why did you leave me alone?"

I sit up shaking and sweat covered. I look around and rember what happened and where I am. I see Laura standing not to far away, and she is waching me, she walks over. "Bad dream?" She askes and hands me a cup that has hot chocolate in it.

"Um,yeah. real bad."The last words were to myself, but she overherd them. I run a hand through my hair. "How is my brother?" He looks at me, but dosen't mind the change in topic. "He is fine and we are having tests done now."


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