A boy may die and his only family member may live.


5. An Interesting Twist

Laura's POV

I walked into my office and saw a file on my desk, I picked it up as I sat down. It only had my name on it. I opened it and saw the police file that was made when William first was brought to the hospital. How did it get to me? I saw a note in the back,


I hope this helps you fix that boy. I have connections and will get this story on the news when it gets more interesting. I know you are wondering who I am, well you will have to wait. I hear that you are paying for all the tests being done, nice, very nice indeed. I have a feeling their is more behind it than just your job. That boy witnessed something during the car crash that caused his...predicament. I hope in the future we can get to know each other better.


Who is this A.M person? I look around and sigh. Oh, great ANOTHER twist.

I stand and take the file to Syd, I hope he makes sense of this. I walk into Will's room. Syd turns and watches me. First I ask the nurse "Helen, can you leave? Please, and as soon as the test results come back make sure I get them." Since I'm not leaving neither is Helen, she needs a promotion.

After she walks from the room I sit next to Syd and hand him the file and tell him "As you see from the note someone knows something, and has friends in high places. I wish I knew who this A.M is, but I don't. I read the file, and sadly nothing helps but look here," I point to a line in the letter "That boy witnessed something during the car crash... I wonder if that means that someone sabotaged the car." I watch his reaction and I see the light bulb in his head go off, we look at each other and smile. We have a ally in all of this finally!

"The only problem is who is A.M?" I ask. Syd shakes his head and shrugs "Maybe he is a cop that hasn't been payed off yet?" I look at him and think aloud "Maybe, but I have a few contacts that may help, let me talk to 'em. See you in a bit." I get up and leave.

I walk tot he nurses station and call the governor. His secretary answers. After I finally reach him I remind him of a favor that is owed to me. He gladly helps. He is able to tell me that A.M stands for an Abe Mazero. He apparently is low in the Mob scene, but has friends in high places and wants to move up himself. The governor calls some people and gets me Abe's file and picture. I thank him and my favor has been called in.

I walk back into Will's room. "Syd, come here." I lead him to my office and show him the file. "How did you get this?" He asks. I shrug "My sources."

We go over the file for hours, and Syd finally spots his phone number. I take out my cell and I dial his number. We look at each other, take a deep breath and hit send. After four rings Abe answers.

"Hello, who is this?"

"I am Dr. Laura Neville."

"Oh,hello Doctor. How are you? And I can only guess how you got this number."

He laughs

"I bet. Now, why do you want to help a poor boy?"

His laughter is dried up. "Not over the phone, I will be meeting you and little Syd soon. Just wait a while longer Doc." He hangs up and I look at Syd.

"Oh, boy. We get to meet him."

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