How does a heart beat?

Claire gets stood up on valentines day, stupid logan.
She finds herself walking out of the door of the restaurant when she bumps into a rather intriguing person.
He calls himself Harry, and he's figured out that claire has been stood up.
He invites her to a near by bar but end up at the park gazing at the moon, relentlessly Harry reaches over to her and asks her if she remembers him.
Claire as dazed as ever,looks over at him in confusion.
How could she remember harry? and why was he so eager for her to remember?
....remember what?


6. "Why?"

Theres a moment in life when everything starts to make sense. it could be when your sixty, twenty or even ten.

That moment has not arrive yet, in fact I'm more confused then ever.

Confused about everything.

Who was jodie?

Why was everyone frantic?

Why was harry so interested in me.


After my breakdown in Mrs Conrad's class, my mom came and drove me home.

She hadn't spoke all the way home.

When I asked her if she knew a Jodie all she did was cry.

I decided not to bug her and we drove home silently.

When I got home I sprawled on my bed, staring at the ceiling, letting my puffy eyes die down.

I hope one day someone will explain.

Today was Friday. I had skipped school, something about letting gossip die down or something, I don't know.

As of now, i'm in bed, criss crossed with a pencil in my hand and a notebook on my bed music blasting from my black radio and my fine buzzing every two minutes.

I didn't want the stress so i left me phone alone.

Instead i gabbed my notebook and wrote what cam to mind.

"im breathing in, i'm letting go, of everything, i once had to hold, i'm letting loose, being forced to face the truth and i finally see what i have to do. and baby i realize that i'm destined to lose, but darling i never wanted to lose you-"

I then reached my pencil to my mouth and chewed on it.

What should i write now?

I thought for a while and then my phone rang

Phone Call from Harry c:

Oh goodness. should i answer it? gahhh.

Before i thought it over i clicked the answer button and put the phone over my ear.

"hey harry" i said

"Claire we need to talk"


"no not over the phone, meet me at the park in 20.Bring a sweater"

"K, but why do you wa-" and with that he hanged up on me


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