How does a heart beat?

Claire gets stood up on valentines day, stupid logan.
She finds herself walking out of the door of the restaurant when she bumps into a rather intriguing person.
He calls himself Harry, and he's figured out that claire has been stood up.
He invites her to a near by bar but end up at the park gazing at the moon, relentlessly Harry reaches over to her and asks her if she remembers him.
Claire as dazed as ever,looks over at him in confusion.
How could she remember harry? and why was he so eager for her to remember?
....remember what?


5. "Its time"

Harrys Pov: 

i wish i could explain everything to her, i wish i could open my arms, kiss her forehead and tell her all.

but we all made a promise, a promise we can not break until she realizes herself.

i hate that i cant explain anything.

i had separated myself temporarily from the bad and as far as i had known, claire doesn't know anything about the band.

thats a good thing, she shouldn't now.

After what happened today int he morning every student had been told to not react to the sight of me.

I was her on a mission and one mission only, to help claire, to help my claire remember everything.

So far as i know, i think she will recover one day. 

But as far as she knows there is nothing to recover from.


The moment i saw Michael running down the hall screaming that claire was in trouble i scrammed out of class and followed him.

My heart raced a Billion times sweat rolling down the side of my face.

What was wrong!? i was frantic.

I asked Michael over and over to tell me what happened but the only words he could for was "she remembers"

I then freaked out more.

Michael finally got Mrs. Garvy and we all went down to Mrs. Conrad's class, when i saw my baby on the floor confused as ever my heart panged with pain. 

I wanted my baby back, to kiss her and make her better.

but i couldn't, all i could do was take Mrs. C's place on the floor and hold claire, until she relaxed.

and she did, she sobbed mostly but relaxed.

WE didn't speak. Mrs Garvy and Mrs Concrad where trying to get a hold of everything but claire was to frantic. she had no idea wat was going on.

I sighed deeply to myself thinking things over and finally came down to a conclusion.

I dont care what anyone says.

Its time.


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