How does a heart beat?

Claire gets stood up on valentines day, stupid logan.
She finds herself walking out of the door of the restaurant when she bumps into a rather intriguing person.
He calls himself Harry, and he's figured out that claire has been stood up.
He invites her to a near by bar but end up at the park gazing at the moon, relentlessly Harry reaches over to her and asks her if she remembers him.
Claire as dazed as ever,looks over at him in confusion.
How could she remember harry? and why was he so eager for her to remember?
....remember what?


4. "im so confused, i dont know what's happening"


*Later that day, 2:00*

It was 9th period,last class of the day. Finally. 

I sighed to myself, looking at the clock. Anxiously waiting for the clock to hit 2:16..


As I watched the clock ticking, I recalled the memories from the morning..

Harry. The boy who managed to make me cry, to cry without a reason.

All he did was look at me with such sympathy, such hope. WHY does he want me to remember him so badly? 

I then rememebered the way girls crowded around him in the morning,I groaned to myself, realizing I felt a tad jealous. Jealous over something that wasnt mine, but why did they crowd around him? Did he like screw all of them?

I shook my head, letting that thought escape my brain. 

I then listened in to the lesson Mrs. Conrad was teaching us, realizing it was better then stressing myself out.

"-and that is why you should always drive safe!"

Safety lesson..yippie

"Wait Mrs. Conrad I have a question!" said a voice next to me

I snapped my head to the right, looking at the person next to me. 

She had red hair, a baby face, and she was very perky.

Her name was on the tip of my tongue.

"Yes Lucy?" Mrs. Conrad said, looking straight at her

LUCY, that's her name!

"Uhm, I know we should all drive safe and all-" she said waving her hands around, "but like its not our fault if a car crashes INTO us, like there's nothing we can do there, so why put all the pressure on us?"

I snapped my head completely towards lucy, taking in her words.

*car crashes into us..." "car crashes into..." "car crashes....crashes*



Jodie looked to her left with eyes bigger than the moon. Looking at the sight next to her, she had frozen in place.

I screamed in horror, taking in the sight of the truck heading out way.

The only thing I could hear was Jodie's silent screams telling me to hold on and to be brave, I looked at her knowing what was coming, and she looked at me with the biggest pained face.


and then. I saw white, white turning to black.


The "flashback" was over and I found myself screaming, i was sweating and panting and I was on the floor, sitting on my butt, scared as hell


When was i in a car crash?! WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

I then found myself sobbing uncontrollaby, rocking back and forth

Mrs. Conrad ran next to me, sitting down on the floor with me , petting my hair

"Claire, Honey, Relax, whats going on? What happened?"

I looked up at her and around the room, everyone was crowding around me and Mrs.Conrad

I looked at lucy and she had the biggest pained face, she just said, "i..i. im so sorry i forgot!" she said it over and over

I was so confused i didn't understand what was happening.

"Darling, what's wrong?" said Mrs. Conrad

"I..I...I dont know. so confused" i told her

Mrs. Conrad looked up at Michael, a trust-worthy student, "Michael go get the nurse, quickly"

"Darling explain to me please" she whispered as michael ran out of the room

"I..I..There was a girl named Jodie.."

I heard gasps from every corner

"and..i..i was there"

"where darling?"

" a car, and there was a truck, and...and hit us."

"she remembers!" i heard from the corner

the room filled with small conversations

"Everyone!, class dismissed! and if i hear that one of you snitched about this, DETENTION."

As she said that every one took their things and left there room.

"Mrs...Mrs. C?" I said looking at her, looking around us, seeing that we were still on the ground

"yes honey?"

"im so confused. i dont know whats happening"

"of course you don't darling, someone will explain, im sure" she said rocking back and forth with me

"MRS CONRAD THE NURSE IS HERE! and some kid named harry, he said he HAD to see Claire..i dont know why though" said Michael panting out of breath

HARRY?! I turned to him, he had tears coming from his eyes, looking at me with sucha pained expression, like everyone else. but WHY?

"OH HARRY HONEY!" beemed sadly Mrs. Conrad at Harry, "she remembers darling, i dont know what to do, Mrs. Garvy-" she said mentioning to the nurse, "i think we should call her mother"

Mrs. Conrad got up and patted the dust of her legs, Harry took her place, englufing me in his arms

As I heard Mrs. Conrady and Mrs. Garvy discussing I wept in harrys arms, scared and most confused as ever.




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