How does a heart beat?

Claire gets stood up on valentines day, stupid logan.
She finds herself walking out of the door of the restaurant when she bumps into a rather intriguing person.
He calls himself Harry, and he's figured out that claire has been stood up.
He invites her to a near by bar but end up at the park gazing at the moon, relentlessly Harry reaches over to her and asks her if she remembers him.
Claire as dazed as ever,looks over at him in confusion.
How could she remember harry? and why was he so eager for her to remember?
....remember what?


3. "Claire...You Forgot"


I made my way into the parking lot of Mckinley High. 

I drove my car into a parking slot near the end of the parking lot, looking at everyone through the window.

Looking at the school cliques. The emo's, The Artists, The Drama Club students..and of course "Them"

"Them" was the popular kids of Mckinley High. They Ruled the school. If you tried one bit to bother them, they would screw you over.

I looked back at my steering wheel, stopping the car in the slot.

I took the keys out of ignition and sighed to myself. 

I didnt want to get out of the car, I wanted to stay in the car and mope about harry. The most confusing but insanely beautiful boy. I wasnt ashamed to admit it. He was gorgeous.

I scowled to myself and grabbed my things from the back, making sure I had my lacrosse stick. 

I made my way out of the car, I felt the winter cold breeze kissing my cheeks, as I closed the door behind me.

I put my backpack around my right shoulder and grabbed my lacrosse stick with my left hand, walking toward the entrance of the school.

As i made my way into the school i saw a glimpse of curls with my left eye, harry?

I turned quickly to the left side of me, but saw no one. 

Instead I saw "them" looking at me with a look that read, "ew.wierdooo"

I smiled fakely, grabbed my backpack straps sturdier and walked away to the entrance once more.

I reached the entrance and clutched my hand over the doorknob, feeling the coldness of it.

As I opened the door, I saw a hand creep in on my right, shutting the door infront of me

"Uhm excuse me?" I said turning around sternly, as I turned around the first thing that came to mind was harry.

UGH HARRY. THIS BOY. I just spent a few minutes with him and he was driving me insane!

I finally took full look in at the person in front of me, a full head of curls, green emerald eyes, and a fabulous grin.

"Hey love"

"H..h..harry!?" HARRY what was he doing here! SO I HADNT IMAGINED SEEING HIM! 

"Claire" He said with a nod of his head, and opened the door once more with his right hand, he showed me the way in with his left hand, gesturing for me to go in.

I walked into the school slowly, trying to forget I saw him and walk to class.

I sped my walk looking at everyone in the hallway, busy on their phones or in their locker, or snogging their boyfriends or girlfriends.

"Wait Claire!" He shouted over me

I turned around sternly, letting the warmth from inside the school wrap me in one.

As I turned I saw him with wide eyes, a hand over his mouth.

Everyone in the hallway had turned around, once they took in the sight of him, half the girls in the hallway screamed their heads off.



Every girl,shouting from my left to my right, and occasionally a boy..*A/N LOL peace to boy directioners*

I sighed and turned to my left and saw my reflection in the glass of the office door. 

I shook my head to myself and put my hair to the back with my left hand.

I didn't understand as to why everyone was crowding around him, or as to why everyone knew him.

But I didnt long as he wasnt near me. Causing me to go insane.

I took a big gulp and walked away from the crowd, only caring about going to class.

Even though I dreaded going. 

I wasn't exactly..popular in school.

I was..known as a freak.

I looked straight ahead of me, seeing people run to harry. They even looked as if they ran in slow motion, I shut my eyes hoping that once I opened them, the sight of people going to harry was gone.

And surely when I opened my eyes, I was alone...or so I thought.

Straight ahead from me stood logan, snogging the face of Amber, My supposed Best Friend.

I clutched my items in my arms, feeling quesy inside. I turned to my right side and walked down the hallway not giving a damn where I ended up.

As I walked I sped up, Dropping everything on the ground and just ran. Ran and ran until I reached an exit, and when I did I burst it open.

As i walked out i felt the cool air hitting my face, automatically causing my cheeks to go red, i turned to my left and right, checking to see if anyone was there, and surely they werent.

I walked to my left until i found a bench by the parking lot.

I sighed as i walked to the bench, looking at the sky, wishing for night to come to gaze at the moon.

The moon.....oh harry.

Harry the troublesome boy, he honestly didn't do anything though. All he did was take me to the park and ask me a question..

I then sat on the bench, The breeze causing my hair to fly back.

Harry's question was short but it was a question that a kept me up for hours,  hours trying to understand the look in his eyes, trying to understand his words to me.

I lifted my left leg up, clutching it to my chest.

I couldnt take anything anymore (A/N Just to let everyone know she has other problems beside this cheesy one lol, you'll find out later in the story as to what it is and why shes a freak!)

I held myself in. Trying not to let tears escape my eyes, only to see one fall onto my knee, causing it to damp.

The breeze swept in, causing the hair on my body to stick up. It was chilly out, but did I care?

I got off the bench slowly, holding myself up with my right hand, I turned to the left..if I walked some more i'd end up in the school field. Away from everyone.

I looked to the right, pulling my hair back from coming to my face, if i went back, i would have to face school and possibly harry. 

Oh and logan, stupid stupid logan.and stupid Amber. The one person I thought I could trust.

I couldnt face the right direction, so i walked to the left..slowly, clutching my hands to my pockets, trying to keep the chill away.

As I walked I heard a shout, but I didn't turn around, instead I turned to my right side, looking at the cars go by, wondering who was in those cars and if they had problems as well.

I always wondered about the simplest things, and sometimes it got me into trouble.

I then heard footsteps slowly increase behind me, I arched my back straight..not knowing what was coming.

"CLAIRE!" I heard a shout from behind me.

I heard footsteps now turning into runs.

I turned around slowly, swaying my hair to my right..the breeze hitting my cheeks and hair..

As I turned I came face to face with the one person I dreaded seeing. He was looking straight into my eyes, his breath letting out a smoke of air, from the coldness. He kept opening and closing his mouth..he was out of breath.

I put a strand of hair behind my ear with my hand, closing and opening my eyes frequently. Waiting for him to speak.

"Claire...You left this behind" he said locking eyes with mine.

I then looked into his hands , and their I saw my bag, my lacrosse stick and my drawing pad.

He put them down next to him slowly and delicatly grabbed my chin with his hand, causing chills down my back.

He lifted my face up, coming face to face with his.

We stared at eachother for a few moments and then he smoke once more..I couldnt I had lost my voice.

" left this behind" He said to me, opening his hand slowly, I turned my view away from him to his hand, seeing the coldness of outside already making his hands red.

As he opened it, i saw white..

My eyes widened a bit bigger each second, recognizing its shape.

The dandelion..on the palm of his hand.

I sighed..feeling tears form in my eyes.

I looked at his palm, to his face.

Locking eyes with his once more..His green emerald eyes.

"Claire...Your forgot.." he said once more. Now adding a look of pain into his eyes.

"..Yea i forgot this.." I said finding my voice again, looking into his eyes, but referring to my things..

"No." He said staring sternly into my eyes, his palm still open

He looked at me trying to find an expression, but all I could do was look at him. Not knowning what to say.

"You forgot me" He whispered slowly, and all I could do was look down into his hand..his dandelion hand.

Letting a tear escape my eyes.



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