How does a heart beat?

Claire gets stood up on valentines day, stupid logan.
She finds herself walking out of the door of the restaurant when she bumps into a rather intriguing person.
He calls himself Harry, and he's figured out that claire has been stood up.
He invites her to a near by bar but end up at the park gazing at the moon, relentlessly Harry reaches over to her and asks her if she remembers him.
Claire as dazed as ever,looks over at him in confusion.
How could she remember harry? and why was he so eager for her to remember?
....remember what?


1. "y..yea, just a lousy biggie"

"Miss, you've been here for 30 minutes alone. Do you honestly not want to order anything?" asked my annoyed waitress.

"You know..i guess i have to deal with the fact that i got stood up, by my date.on.valentines day" i said looking up at the waitress, with a nod of my head.

She had this annoyed look on her face, she was standing on one hip and she kept looking at the clock.

SHE probably had a date tonight, one that didn't stand her up.

i turned my head back down and closed my eyes, "just..give me a sec please" i murmured

i heard the waitresses sigh and the click of her heels walking away.

i brought my head back up and moved my seat back and forth. letting my right hand swing on my side.

my mind then drifted off into space..kind of like it does 24/7 of every day in every year.

Why would Logan just stand me up like that? i thought he really liked me.

Maybe i just made it all up in my head. 


i looked around and saw so many couples around. it made me stomach sick, knowing my chance of love

never came out right.

the room was so intoxicated of love, it killed me.

i groaned to myself and snapped my head.

i settled my feet down and reached for my purse that laid on my left side

i reached into its compartments and pulled out a five dollar bill.

i smacked it right on the table, took a swig of my free water and got up

as i got up i fixed my blue dress

The blue sticken dress i bought especially for the occasion.

i reached to my chair and took out my jacket, wrapping it around my sides.

i slided my chair back and walked out, i didn't even bother putting the chair back in place.

as i walked to the exit i saw my waitress on the fone, with the biggest smile plastered on her face

i looked at her and gave her one nod and said, "happy valentines day".

she just stared at me, so i kept walking, i was heading out the door and decided to shut my eyes. i sighed to myself, beginning to drift off again, but soon enough bumping into a bulky figure

"Ooof" said the person

I opened my eyes, taking a step back

I looked at him, but didnt. it was like looking at something but not really seeing it..if it makes sense.

"s..sorry" i said out of impulsion, and shut my eyes again for a second

i lifted my hand and brought it to my hair, brushing it back with my hand.

my hair then fell into layers over my head like it usually did

once i opened my eyes the person spoke

"that's...that's alright love. If you dont mind me asking, are you ok?"

i finally took a deep look at him.

he looked around my age, with hair to die for, dimples deep as the sea, and eyes as ravishing as green jewels, the eyes holding something i couldn't figure out.

"y..yea, just a lousy biggie" i said smiling weakly and shrugging, "and sorry for bumping into you again" i said briefly touching his arm

i then dug my hands into my pockets and began to walk away

"Wait!" the boy yelled, he walked up to me

"look. this may sound insane but im having a lousy valentines myself, and well who says we deserve a lousy valentines day?" he said looking at me, with a squint of his eyes

"what are you getting at?"

"well by the looks of it-" he said looking my up and down

i straightened myself up then

"it looks like you got stood up too" he ended

"yea..i did" i said frowning, "and?"

"would you like to get a drink with me? i mean do you want to spend today alone?" he said with a shrug and a seriousness on his face

"no not really" i said giving in, "my names claire, you?" i said walking to his side

"harry" he said motioning his hand out, i shook it.

he then began to walk and looked back at me

i began to walk too, "were we off too?" i asked

"a nice bar i know" he said with a slight smile, "how old are you?" he asked me

"uhm, nineteen" i blurted out

"good. im 20" he said adding a wiggle to his walk

"you look 18 to be honest" i said looking down, stepping over rocks

"yea i've been told that" he said doing the same, he looked into the street

we were walking on the sidewalk, and honestly i had no idea where we were going.

i looked at him and finally realized he looked familiar

"do i know you from somewhere?" i asked then

he DID look familiar

"i was surprised you didn't hug me the moment you saw me" he said grinning

"should i have?" i said with a seriousness and looked up at the moon

the moon was really pretty. it made me almost want to blow of this "date" and just watch the moon

"its beautiful right?" said harry , i then realized he had seen my watching and engulfing the sight of the moon

i turned to him and smiled a bit "yea, it really is" i whispered turning my head to look at the moon again

"wanna blow of the bar and go to the park?" he asked looking at me questioningly 

"for what?" i asked hoping he was thinking the same thing i was

"to just lay on the grass and stare at the moon" yes!. this guy read my mind.

"you read my mind" i said slightly grinning, he then took my arm and pushed my forward

we began to jog to the nearest park, we got to the park and pushed the brass gate forward, causing it to creek slightly

we made our way in and headed to the baseball field, as we walked we didn't speak, we just observed the sight infront of us

We made our way to the field and quickly layed down

we just stared at the moon, observing it and taking it in

after about 6 minutes of listening to the night bugs chirp, or the buzz of the flies

a hand made it way to my arm

i quickly turned to harry

i looked at him confused

his lips parted slightly and he spoke, " you really not remember me?" he said with a slightly saddened mood.

" sorry..should i?" i asked him

he turned his way to the sky and put his arm on his side again

he then sat up on his butt with his knees drawn to his chest and sighed.

he looked at the grass with a sadness and then grabbed a dandelion

he handed it to me.

i then sat up the same way he was and took it, i looked at him

"you should" he whispered and looked deeply into my eyes

he gave me one last sigh and got up

"i have to go claire, ill talk to you soon"

"what?"i asked..soon? what did that mean?

i took one last look at the moon and began to make my way up

i was going to ask him what he meant but by the time i turned to were he was..he was gone

the only thing i heard was the soft creek of the wind touching the gate, and the breeze shifting through the trees.

it got chilly. i hugged myself and began to walk out of the park.

i began to drift off again.

Valentines day was weird, i didn't understand it.especially today with harry

he looked at me with such an admiration and hope, as if we knew each other completely and to be honest

i never knew a harry, until now.

but why did i have that feeling that at some point i did.

it killed my inside but i made my way out of the park.

i closed the gate, look at the park once more and let out a sigh.

i made my way to the left and walked home. 


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