Lovingly Mine

Rachel is just an ordinary 15 year old girl. But not really. Rachel is best friends Justin Bieber. They grew up together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Though they lost touch, they found each other backstage at a Cody Simpson concert. When Justin and Rachel go shopping in the Omaha Mall, they run into 5 lads known as One Direction. Justin is best mates with Niall and the boys. Sure enough, Harry and Niall notice Rachel right away and steal her heart. Only they both want her. Read this fan-fic to see how things turn out.


7. Starting To Like Harry

**Rachel's POV**

When the concert was over, Justin and I decided to invite the boys over back home with us.  When we got home, Justin turned off the Range Rover and we all headed inside. I hurried upstairs and slipped on my onesie. It was the same onesie George Shelley wore. I ran downstairs and popped in a film. Pitch Perfect to be exact. I cuddled up with Harry on the love seat. When I looked up, Niall was pouting. "One moment Hazz." I said. I took Niall by the hand and led him into the kitchen. "Niall, I know you have been flirting with me...but I am starting to like Harry. We can still be best friends though." I looked up at him, hoping he would understand.  "It's okay. I can tell he really likes you back." Niall said smiling. "Okay. Thanks for being so understanding." I replied. When I returned, Harry had his arms extended and I collapsed into them. He laid his hed on mine and we started the film.


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