Lovingly Mine

Rachel is just an ordinary 15 year old girl. But not really. Rachel is best friends Justin Bieber. They grew up together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Though they lost touch, they found each other backstage at a Cody Simpson concert. When Justin and Rachel go shopping in the Omaha Mall, they run into 5 lads known as One Direction. Justin is best mates with Niall and the boys. Sure enough, Harry and Niall notice Rachel right away and steal her heart. Only they both want her. Read this fan-fic to see how things turn out.


4. Platinum Level Passes

**Justin's POV**
When Rachel and I got home, she collapsed onto the couch and turned on the TV to watch some UK football. I put down our shopping bags and playfully sat on her legs. "Justin! Get offa me!" She giggled. "No! Not until you let me play with your hair!" I responded. "Fine." She agreed. So I sat her on my lap and I started playing with her hair. I mostly like doing this mostly because her hair is always so unbelievably soft. "So what do you think of the boys?" I asked her. "They're fun. I like Harry. His dimples and curly hair are so cute. So is Niall's accent." She replied. "Would you want to see them again?" I questioned. "Sure." She said. "Good. Because I have platinum level backstage passes for their concert this Friday." I said proudly. "That's swag." She said. "Swag?" I laughed. "Yeah. Swag. I made it up just now. It means cool or awesome." She giggled. "Ah. I see." I understood. When she fell asleep, I put her to bed and went to bed too.
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