Lovingly Mine

Rachel is just an ordinary 15 year old girl. But not really. Rachel is best friends Justin Bieber. They grew up together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Though they lost touch, they found each other backstage at a Cody Simpson concert. When Justin and Rachel go shopping in the Omaha Mall, they run into 5 lads known as One Direction. Justin is best mates with Niall and the boys. Sure enough, Harry and Niall notice Rachel right away and steal her heart. Only they both want her. Read this fan-fic to see how things turn out.


9. Paper Airplane Necklace

**Harry's POV**
I threw on my chevron board shorts and my Ramones tee and the boys and I drove to the beach. When we got there, I got out of the car and greeted Rachel. Justin gave me and the boys 'bro-hugs' and we all heads towards the sand. When Rachel took her first step onto the sand, she jumped back. "Ow! That sand is hot!" She giggled. "Jump on my back and I'll carry you to the blanket Lou laid out. " I suggested She did as told and I did what I promised. When we reached the blanket, I put her down and took off my shirt. Something was missing. "Rachel? Did I leave my necklaces at your house last night?" I asked. She turned away from Niall to answer me. And sure enough, she was wearing my necklaces. "Okay thank god you're wearing them. I thought I lost them forever." I said with relief. She twirled the paper airplane around her finger and said "Hazz? I really like this paper airplane necklace." "So do I." I replied. And with that, Everybody got up and went to the water.
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