Lovingly Mine

Rachel is just an ordinary 15 year old girl. But not really. Rachel is best friends Justin Bieber. They grew up together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Though they lost touch, they found each other backstage at a Cody Simpson concert. When Justin and Rachel go shopping in the Omaha Mall, they run into 5 lads known as One Direction. Justin is best mates with Niall and the boys. Sure enough, Harry and Niall notice Rachel right away and steal her heart. Only they both want her. Read this fan-fic to see how things turn out.


10. Moschino Halter Dress

**Rachel's POV**
We were all habit a good time swimming when Niall yelled "I'm hungry!" Everybody laughed and he just smiled. "Relax Nialler. Justin and I brought some food...I'll go get it so we can eat." I said. I got out of the water and dried myself off. I slid on my flip flops and walked over to the Range Rover. I returned with a picnic basket and set it on the blanket. "Hurry! Come and get it before Niall eats it all!" I laughed out loud. They hurried up to the blanket and dried off. I passed out the food and sat down by Harry and Justin. "These wraps are sick!" Justin said. "Thanks! I made them myself!" I agreed. When everybody was finished eating, we all spread out our towels to take naps. I sprayed some more tanning spray onto myself and layer on the blanket with Harry. After 15 minutes, I rolled over onto my stomach and looked at Harry. He was asleep. He looked so cute and peaceful. When I was done tanning, I got out my Lucky magazine and pulled out the stickers. I had put a 'YES' on a yellow linen Moshino halter mini dress, purple Paige denim short shorts and a 'NO' on green and yellow polka dot espadrilles and a green and grey color block silk top.
When Harry woke up, it was almost time to go. So everybody gathered up their things. Back at the cars, Harry gave me a quick peck on the cheek and we departed home.
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