Lovingly Mine

Rachel is just an ordinary 15 year old girl. But not really. Rachel is best friends Justin Bieber. They grew up together in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Though they lost touch, they found each other backstage at a Cody Simpson concert. When Justin and Rachel go shopping in the Omaha Mall, they run into 5 lads known as One Direction. Justin is best mates with Niall and the boys. Sure enough, Harry and Niall notice Rachel right away and steal her heart. Only they both want her. Read this fan-fic to see how things turn out.


12. Back To London

**Rachel's POV**
I couldn't see anything. But I could feel a warm breeze and I could smell lavender. What does Harry have planned for me? He sat me down in a chair and undid the blind fold. He had a brunch there and it was in the middle of an open valley. It was so beautiful. "Harry this is amazing." I said quietly. But I wondered why he was doing this. We started eating and when we were done, Harry packed everything back into his rental car. He took my hand and we sat down on the grass. He took my hand in his and looked at me with a touch of sadness in his eyes. "Rachel...I have some bad news." He blurted. The instant he said that, my throat locked up and tears started misting in my eyes. "Simon needs the boys and I to fly back to London to record some new songs." He said, his voice cracking. That's when the tears spilled from my eyes. I couldn't take it anymore. He held me in his arms and tried to calm my sobs but I didn't want this right now. I needed to be alone. I pounded my fists onto his chest, trying to free myself from his grip. I finally gave up and cried into his white tee, leaving mascara stains all over it. "W-w-why?!" I cried. "I don't know baby-girl. But I want you to know how much I have learned to love about you these past few days. Your laugh, your insecurities, your eyes, and your heart. Keep my necklaces to remember me." He said.
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