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Seventeen about to be eighteen year old Lily has been a complete stranger to the outside world. She stays inside and stays away from all of the bullies as much as possible. She's been bullied by pretty much everyone in her school since third grade. When this anti-social meets an all around fun guy named Niall will he be able to change her and patch all of her pain?


16. Chapter Sixteen

Lily's P.O.V

I remember the night Niall stayed the night for the first time very clearly. Nothing major happened, just a few make out sessions and that's it. It's been a month and a half since that night and our relationship is growing stronger every day. I'm still getting bullied but I didn't expect that to change. I'm currently in last period. I hear a thud and come back to reality and see Rachel has knocked my tings off of my desk.

"You're a bitch Lily."

"Me?? What did I do to you? You're the one who tortures me."

I see her glare at me and next thing I know she punches me in the eye. I cover my face and start crying. This is the first time she's ever actually punched me. Our teacher, Mrs. Smdit, was currently taking something to the office leaving us alone. Next thing I know I hear Tiffany's voice next to my ear.

"You're so worthless. Niall deserves better than you, you piece of shit."

I start crying harder and get up and run out of the class and into the hallway. I feel the anger boil up inside of me and I punch a locker that's in front of me. I wait five minutes but Niall doesn't come out of his classroom like he normally does. Not being able to wait any longer I run down the hall, out of that school, and I don't stop or even look behind me.


A/N: hey guys, i'm so sorry I haven't updated this in what feels like years. i'm back now and i'll try my hardest to update as much as possible. let me know what you think of this new chapter <3


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