Creatively attached

Seventeen about to be eighteen year old Lily has been a complete stranger to the outside world. She stays inside and stays away from all of the bullies as much as possible. She's been bullied by pretty much everyone in her school since third grade. When this anti-social meets an all around fun guy named Niall will he be able to change her and patch all of her pain?


6. Chapter six

Lily's p.o.v 

When we get home I run straight up to my room ignoring my mums constant questions. I pull out my phone and text Niall.

 Hey I made it home safe.

I take off my shoes and lay on my bed. I haven't been outside for a while now that I think about. Still not wanting to go outside I stay in my room. My phone vibrates and i pick it up knowing it's Niall. 

That's great! I'm happy your safe.

A smile crosses over my face and i don't realize how long i'm sitting there but I snap out of it and text him back. 

Yeah my mum bombarded me with questions the whole ride home... :)

 I get off of my bed and wander around not knowing what to do right now and my phone vibrates again.

Oh nice... Can you meet me at the park in 10.

I hesitate but tell him yes. I go over to my closet and take out a tank top and a plaid button up shirt to go over it. I quickly change my shirt and decide to leave the buttons undone figuring that it was going to be hot out. I keep my jeans on and slip my converse back on. I head downstairs and let my mum know that I'm going to the park. "Lily. Are you sure you're my daughter?" My mum jokes. I give a small laugh and answer, "Yes ,mum, I'm your daughter."  I grab iPod out of my purse and make sure that i have my phone and leave. 

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