Creatively attached

Seventeen about to be eighteen year old Lily has been a complete stranger to the outside world. She stays inside and stays away from all of the bullies as much as possible. She's been bullied by pretty much everyone in her school since third grade. When this anti-social meets an all around fun guy named Niall will he be able to change her and patch all of her pain?


14. Chapter fourteen

Lilly's p.o.v

We sat at the restaurant table for an hour or so before finally getting up and going to the field. When we get there we go into the middle of the field and lay there talking just like yesterday. Niall's arm is draped around my shoulder and I'm leaning into his side. Every now and then he kisses the top of my head. We're in deep conversation when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I take it out and see that it's a text from my mum. Before I open it I check the time and see that it's exactly nine o'clock. I open the text...

Honey I don't want you staying out too late... If I'm not home when you get home don't panic. Since it's Friday you have until no later than eleven-thirty. I'd love to meet Niall.. Love you sweetie.

I look up to Niall and show him the text. "I'd love to meet your mum! She seems sweet. We'll leave here in about forty five minutes." I nod and I set an alarm for nine-forty five. We go back to talking about any thing and nothing and before we know it the alarm I set goes off. We both sigh and Niall helps me up.  We head out of the park and back to my house. The whole way we keep up a conversation only leaving a few minutes of silence. When we get to my house I tell Niall to wait outside for a minute while I go inside. He nods and obeys respectfully.  I slowly walk inside of my house. "Mum? Mum?" No answer. I take out my phone and dial mums number. "Hello?" "Mum?" "Yes Lily?" " I'm home. Niall brought me home." "OH! Hunny I just want to let you that Niall has my permission to stay the night if it's okay with his parents but only because I want to meet him when I get home in the morning. Okay?" It takes me a minute to process what my mum just said but I answer that way she doesn't think I hung up on her. "Okay mum. I'll see you in the morning.. Night I love you." I hear the line go dead and I dart to the front door.  "Niall do you think you'd be able to spend the night tonight?" I ask with a small smile. I see him pull out his phone and text some one. A few minutes later his phone vibrates. Niall checks the message and looks up with a smile. "Looks like I'm spending the night! Let me run to my house and get my things and I'll be back." and with that he turns to go get his things. This is going to be interesting.

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