The End

A boy named Jake and a girl named Shelly, childhood sweethearts stuck together forever until they find the one thing that can separate them. Until they meet Jenna...


2. To Run


I had nowhere to go, Jake was in the flat and my parents had moved some place miles away. I needed somewhere to clear my head, to sort myself out. Normally I would have gone running into Jake’s arms anytime I had a problem, but this was more difficult. The only place that was in the slightest bit ‘homely’ to me was the hospital, but that had a bad atmosphere there. I needed to run, run until there was no end.
So that’s what I did, I ran, down the dim street, to the main road, cars screaming past. Thinking to myself, they have their own lives, they can be happy, I can never be happy, not again. They think everything will be okay in their stupid future and everyone they love and care for will never hurt. But they don’t know, they can’t know. They won’t know what it’s like, ever, to experience true pain, to know what was just around the corner. Two weeks. Two weeks they gave me. How am I supposed to fulfil my life, my dreams, everything I wanted to do, to be. In two weeks.

As the doctor looked over me, I was her experiment, she ran tests on me, seeing if I was dead yet. But no, I am a survivor, I still have another few days in me yet, she can’t tell me when I’m supposed to go. I had conquered my two weeks, already 2 days into the third. So what if I was in a hospital bed, that didn’t matter, what mattered was that I was alive. As I lay there, for the past week all I could think about was Jake, trying to convince myself that it was better for me to break up with him than to still love him and give him the pain of watching me go, better for the both of us.

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