The End

A boy named Jake and a girl named Shelly, childhood sweethearts stuck together forever until they find the one thing that can separate them. Until they meet Jenna...


5. The New Girl

Finally I had found a job, a small one as a bell boy for a local hotel, it wasn't much, but at least I was back on my feet and actually had some sort of income. As I took yet another 'happy couple's' bags up to their room, one person caught my eye. She was standing across the lobby from me, looking lost, surrounded by suitcases. As she moved her long golden hair out of her eyes, she caught mine and stared back at me. She studied me for a while, looking puzzled. Suddenly she began to move towards me, her mouth open as if about to say something, her hair flowing behind her and her bright blue eyes hooked on mine. DING! The lift had arrived for me and my luggage but I had to do my job. I entered the lift and with one final glance back at her the doors closed. There was something about that girl, something... familiar. A strange essence to her, as if I had known her before. 

But now she was gone, behind the lift doors. Thoughts rushed through my head, I won't ever see her again. But what about Shelly, always remember Shelly, her brown hair, her beautiful eyes, that look she gets when she sees you, that moment when you told her you loved her, the last time you saw her... lying, in the hospital bed, pale and thin and- 

"NO STOP IT! STOP NO!" I screamed at the lift, my heart breaking once again in my chest. I suddenly became aware of how small the space I was standing in felt, the walls surrounding me closing in, crushing me. I couldn't breathe, I had to get out, had to see her again, to hold her in my arms, to kiss her one last time...

Finally the doors opened and I was released, I burst out of the lift doors and into the corridor, quickly remembering the luggage I was carrying I stopped the lift doors from closing and carried them towards the room. 24A, 24A, 24A, 24A. Repeating it in my head to stop the memories from flooding my mind. Knocking on the door I remembered how the couple had walked away from reception, holding hands with a peck on the cheek. That should be us, Shelly and Jake forever, we were unstoppable, nothing could tear us apart, together forever, childhood sweethearts. Then we found the one thing that could, our kryptonite.

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