The End

A boy named Jake and a girl named Shelly, childhood sweethearts stuck together forever until they find the one thing that can separate them. Until they meet Jenna...


9. Confused


As I ran down the corridor, towards the lift, she was there again. Was she following me? That's what it felt like at least, and she was studying me again as I ran. Hurtling towards her I couldn't stop my legs from moving, why wouldn't they stop? And then I smashed against something hard, like stone, had I just run into a wall? Then it fell down underneath me, it was her. I looked down at her underneath me, smiling up at me, her eyes almost glittering. The only bright thing in this dim corridor. Suddenly I realised what I was doing, get up you fool, you're crushing the poor girl.

"Sorry I-"

"It's Jake right?""

"Yeah... Wait how did you know?"

"Oh I erm was told at erm re.. re..."


"Yeah that. They told me to find you, you're the dude that takes my bags?"

"Yeah sure, I'll just get them where's your room?"

"My room?"

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