The End

A boy named Jake and a girl named Shelly, childhood sweethearts stuck together forever until they find the one thing that can separate them. Until they meet Jenna...


4. A new beginning


I woke up screaming, covered in sweat and covered in tears. I had had the same dream over and over, every night since she had gone. Tormenting me and reminding me of the past. It had been two years, but it felt like yesterday. My friends kept telling me to get over her, but they just reminded me that she was gone, and she could never come back.

I had to shower, to get the reminder of her from me. That’s all I could do now, I was like Lady Macbeth, forever washing to rid me from my memories. “Out, Damned spot! Out I say!” but it will never leave me. Fresh in my mind the nightmares of her face, writhing in pain calling for me to save her, so I reach out to grab her hand but she’s too far and then… and then I wake up screaming and calling out her name, the sheets from my bed thrown across the room.

On the night that she died I didn’t know what to do with myself and I couldn’t bring myself to go back the flat so I walked to the closest bar and just drank. Drank until I couldn’t remember. I’d woken up in a strangers bed, not knowing how to get home and not knowing how I had gotten there the night before. I spiralled into deep depression, didn’t sleep and tried to join her over and over but without succession. I hated myself, and drank my pain away, waking up further and further away from home. I tried anything to get away from my reality but nothing worked and I kept getting worse. All my friends had left me, hated me for what I was, what I had turned into and soon enough I had lost my job and my home.

But I moved on, and here I am, living off a new friend, still jobless and depressed but at least I wasn’t waking up every morning not knowing where I was or who I was. 

*Unfinshed, sorry*

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