The End

A boy named Jake and a girl named Shelly, childhood sweethearts stuck together forever until they find the one thing that can separate them. Until they meet Jenna...


1. The Breakup



It was at that moment that I realised it. I love him, with all my heart. He was the one for me, and here he was, standing in front of me heartbroken. I had just told him that it was over, that it wasn’t working out any longer. His blues eyes, full of sorrow, looked up at me, straight into my soul. A look that cut deep and sent shivers down my spine. His eyes had lost their usual shimmer, that twinkle he had any time he was with me, that extra bounce in his step and his huge smile that never seemed to go away. It was all gone now, and there he was, vulnerable and weak. Whatever I said next would be the last words he would remember me by.
I couldn’t believe what I was doing right now, I wanted to run, to run and never have to look at his face again. But I was stuck, doomed to continue hurting him. I finally met his eyes, watching as a slight glimpse of hope shimmered behind his eyes. I would soon fix that. “I’m sorry but I can’t do this, I have to leave you.” My bottom lip began to quiver as I wiped a tear from my eye. What was I saying? Why was I doing this, my head was screaming no, but it was if an unknown source was forcing me, pushing me over the edge.
“But… but why? At least give me a reason? Do you not love me? Is that it?” I felt numb, tears began to roll down his face and my heart shattered, “Yes, I still love you, I always loved you-“
“-then why do this to me? I still love you, I’m sure whatever is wrong we can work it out-“
“- no we can’t, I have to leave, nothing you say can stop me.” He broke down, collapsing on the floor, his big blue eyes looking up at me and his hair sodden from his tears.
“Please, please Shelly, don’t do this to me, I can’t take it! You know how much I love you! All those times we spent together, our flat, our home, the cats, please just, I can’t…” He sat, with his head in his hands and didn’t look up as I left, just sobbed into his lap. 

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