New Girl

new begings new friends and love. Read to find out more.


5. Chapter 5

*Before they dropped Clara off at home*

Louis P.O.V

 We all grabbed our things an left the cola factory and walked back to the car. Harry and I walked a little further behind everyone so that we could have that talk we really need to have. "Louis honestly it's not a big deal it's something I have been thinking about for a really long time". Harry said trying to get off the topic of his plans to purpose. "No man I don't think you understand just how big of a deal this is", Louis said raising his voice a little. "Shut up Louis and obviously I do because I am going to do it!" Harry said. "Oh you do, do you? Right so you know that once you get down on one knee, Carrie is going to flip and say yes. This isn't just something you can change your mind about, you know she wont let you go that easily once your even engaged let alone married. There is no I want a divorce her family wont stand for that and neither will she. Given the way you showed how much you cared for Clara I don't think your going to be able to make that kind of commitment. You can't lead both girls on, and you most certainly CAN NOT have both my friend", I protested. 

Harry's P.O.V

  As Louis was talking I was listening and the more I listened the more I knew he was right. He is always right, but what am I going to do? I guess I love Carrie if that's what you can call it, but I have these unexplainable feelings for Clara. I just don't know what I'm going to do with them. "Harry! Are you listening to me?!", Louis said aggravated. "Yes, I hear you. Maybe getting married isn't the best idea, I just got scared I saw Clara and I automatically had feelings for her. I had been with Carrie so long I freaked out and decided then and there I had to marry Carrie and maybe the feelings for Clara would go away. I know it's stupid". Harry said with every word his voice saddened. "No, I wouldn't say it wa.... well yea it was stupid. Harry problems don't go away if you distract yourself from them. They are just pushed aside for a while, but they always come back. On top of that I know you way to well =, and know that this is the first time marriage has even crossed you mind.", Louis said sincerely. "Can we not tell the boys about this", Harry asked still with a sad voice. "Sure mate, your secrets safe with me" Louis said trying to give Harry confidence.

Zayn's P.O.V 

"Did you have fun tonight cutie" I said walking up next behind Clara and putting my arm around her shoulder. "Haha, I did actually it was fun. Thanks for taking me out guys I wouldn't have ever had this much fun. I also wouldn't have ever come to the strip." Clara said giggling half the time. "Well love that's because your new here. You know I could show you a few other things like... my room." Nail said in a very flirty way. "Aey! Easy action, don't freak her out she'll never want to come around again, and quite frankly I like her." Liam said slapping Niall on the back of the head. "God it was only a joke", Niall said in a whinny voice. 

  Trying to get away from the embarrassments that are my friends I walked a little faster and Clara did too, I think only because my arm was still around her.

  "Wow I thought the car was like two miles away?", Clara said confused. "Yea well we took a short cut, I wanted you all to myself." I said. Except I think I freaked her out which isn't what I wanted to happen. "Um where are the other boys, I thought they were right behind us?" She said confused. "Like I said we took a short cut. I really do want to just spend sometime with you, I'd like to get to know you for myself and generally I'm not this out going, but I'm all hyped up on nasty pop." I said. "Oh well I'm a half-open book, but there are somethings I wont talk about." She said, as if she were open to the idea of getting to know each other, can't say I'm not okay with that. I think I like her, but I'm not going to tell the boys they would just ruin it for me. 

Clara's P.O.V

"Well, what are you waiting for go on and ask away your questions", I said to Zayn. "Alright here it goes I'm Just going to ask them all at once", He said as he took in a deep breath getting ready to talk. "Alright Fire away", I said ready for anything he was going to hit me with. "How old are you, do you like, fish, what's your favorite color, do you have a boyfriend, what's his name, what's your aunt like, are there any other kids in the house with you, do you like movies, do you want to go out with me, is it hot out here yea it's pretty hot out here were in Vegas, anyway so about those answers; feel free to skip the last question I don't know what I was thinking." Zayn said as fast as he could and he took a very large in hail of hair and then let out a sigh of relief once he caught his breath. "Oh wow you don't mess around, do you want some water after that? Wait I don't have water sorry your out of luck." I said. "Um, so about those answers?" He said slightly impatient. "Oh right here it goes; 17, yes but only fresh, any color I couldn't pick one, no boyfriend. My aunt is one of the coolest people you will ever meet. No other kids but she has a husband, whom I love and adore as well. I love most movies. For the last question, give it a few days then maybe, but right now I just need to adjust to my new environment, but that's defiantly not a no." I said with a smile on face. "Oh, and yea it's getting pretty hot out here, I said as we both moved closer to one another. You could feel the tension between us on the other side of the parking lot. We just got closer and closer, I could feel his slow steady breath on my nose the closer we the higher I went on my toes. Keeping eye contact with him the entire time. If it weren't for Niall screaming Clara, Zayn where are you! Something might have happened, I just don't know if I wanted it to. 

  We stumbled backwards and acted as if we were just talking Zayn yelled "Over here Niall". Niall came over and looked at us, "Well hello there what were you two up to huh, just talking Niall", Zayn said with a paranoid tone, as he went to away past Niall. "Better have been", Niall whispered to Zayn in a rude tone as he walked past. "Well it was", Zayn said back with a cheeky tone. Turning his neck so you could see the side of his face when he said it, while he was still walking away

Liam's P.O.V 

  "Alright boys and lovely lady, get in the car we have to take a certain little lady home",I said  kindly but also sternly, that's the only way they will listen to me. Finally after Louis saying we would drive her home when we were at the cola factory, it was actually happening. We walked her to the door and said our good byes. Except for Harry which is weird because he's the one who first introduced her to us. I think Clara might have been confused or saddened by that, she kept looking at the car with hopeful eyes that Harry would come out to say good bye: he never did. 

  After dropping Clara off, we all went back to our house. 

  "Oh thank god! home sweet home", Niall said and collapsed on the floor. The rest of us went to sleep on the coach. 


Sorry I know it's been a really, really long time since I have written anything; but I think I'm going to start again. At least so I can finish this book. I will probably up date on the weekends so theres that, and maybe on wednesdays I will have to see. Thanks for reading it though and any suggestions you have that would be great. Like who do you want her to be with? And I know it's two early to tell but theres defiantly some connections between Clara and a few of the boys... Alright guys I will probably update tomorrow so I hope your as excited as I am!





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