New Girl

new begings new friends and love. Read to find out more.


4. Chapter 4


Niall P.O.V

So we are in the coke cola factory an all I want is food even though we literally just got food about an hour ago. “Are we going to?” I started to ask but then Harry cut me off. “Niall shut up it’s a surprise.” “Um… alright but who cares I just want t…”  “NIALL I’m going to kill you!” “What where are we goin- what are we doing here?”  Clara said very confused. “Okay fine we are going to go try different types of pop upstairs I was going to surprise you with it but Niall can’t keep his big mouth SHUT to save his life.” Harry said a little bit annoyed. “Oh well that sounds like fun thanks Harry” she said with a dorky smile on her face but it worked for her. “Harry man what kind of a surprise is tasting different kinds of pop if you wanted to surprise the girl you would have either came her with her alone or taken her somewhere else like CALI.” Louis sad in a sassy kind of a voice with a little bit of judgment. “Ya California sounds great I demand a refund!” Clara said jokingly “Refund? You’re not even paying us in the first place, unless you wanna come to my house later?” Zayn said in a flirty kind of joking way. After Zayn said that harry elbowed him in the ribs kinda hard because you could her Zayn grunt.

Clara’s P.O.V

These boys are kinda funny you can tell that they have been friends forever; I wish I was a part of this friendship of joking and flirting with one another. “So how does this work how do we try the pop?” “Well I am going to go and get our stuff and you can pick out a table for all of us to sit at.” Harry said. “Okay.” I say scanning the room for an open table, oh I found all in back of the room but it was big enough for everyone to sit at. “Hey guys there Is a table.” I say to them. “But it’s so far away” “yes but, if we start walking now Niall we will get their faster so MOVE!” I say as I start to push him forward. We get there and we all put our stuff down and claim our seats, finally Harry comes back with the drinks. “Okay Clara I think you should have a sip of this one.” Harry says handing me one that looks like sprite. “Okay?” I saw a little confused at the devious smile on his face. “BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOOK AT HER FACE!” screamed Louis. Before I spit all, the nasty tasting sprite looking pop on his face.

Louis P.O.V

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!! NO YOU DIDN’T! LITTLE MISSY YOU ARE IN FOR IT!” i said yelling at Clara but in a jokingly kind of way. “Oh Louis I am so sorry but that stuff tasted like hand sanitizer eh it was so bad.” She said trying not to laugh herself. “Damn I missed it I wish I had out my camera, from now on I am videotaping this entire pop trying experience.” Liam said. “Hahaha right boys our turn, but first Niall move your ass over.” Harry said. “Why I want to stay here and sit next to Clara.” “Ya so do I so move.” “No”, “Yes”, “No”, “Yes”, “No”, “Yes”, “No”, “Yes” (this went on for like two entire minutes and everyone else at the table was just staring at them like they were stupid. “Right okay well I can just move and Harry you can have my seat sound good?” Clara said trying to reason with the boys. “No I want to sit next to you though and this Blondie won’t move.” Harry said getting angry now. “Hey harry it’s okay I will just sit in the middle of you two, I have two sides that way Niall doesn’t have to move and you can both sit next to me. Okay?” she said touching his arm in a comforting way.

Liam’s P.O.V

Well that was awkward but I have never seen Harry start to get angry and then calm down so fast(strange) he must be calming down though it happens to all of us but generally Louis and I calm down fast if our girlfriends are in the room they just make us feel calm and okay, you know level headed. “Right that sounds great so let’s  get this started now everyone grab a drink and have at it.” I say picking up a cup. “Okay on three 1, 2, 3!” Louis was the first to spit his back in his cup Niall just drank his like it was nothing, Harry tried keeping it in but he spit his out as well, I was successful in drinking all of mine however I had a terrible after taste in my mouth. Clara actually didn’t do bad this time she drank all of it. So we all turned to Zayn to see how he was and all we see is his eyes popping out and his face was beat red.

“Zayn you alright there buddy?” he just nodded his head but you could tell he wasn’t. “Whatever you do don’t spit out your…..” it was too late Zayn had spit out his pop and it even came out his nose. “Oh my Zayn that was HILARIOUS do it again!” I yelled. “That’s embarrassing.” Zayn said loudly “Oh well I feel very close to you now Zayn you got you spit take all over me.” Clara said disgusted but something told me she really didn’t mind.

“Oh My God Zayn seriously that was so rude why did you do that!” “Harry its okay I was just an accident he didn’t mean it and I don’t care.” Clara said “although I think I should go home because my clothes are gross and sticky.” “Alright me and Harry will go and take this stuff to the trash.” Louis said.

Louis’s P.O.V

“Harry come on lets go now.”

 “I’m coming Louis!”

“Boy don’t sass me, what was that back there you are acting really weird and I know why but you can’t do this to her.” “Do what Louis I haven‘t done anything wrong.” “Harry I’m not stupid you like Clara and you are freaking her out being so pushy and acting like a mental person towards Zayn. I saw what she does to you when she looks at you or touches you; you just calm down and become a completely different person. We just met her don’t mess it up with your feelings.”
“Am I really that bad Lou?”


“I have to stop I know that I have feelings for her but I have Carrie and I love her and when this year is over I’m going to purpose.”


“LOUIS! You are the first person I have told, so do you mind shutting up.”

“No you can’t do that, I have to tell you none of us like her and if you Marry her before you have had time to really date other people. Scratch that we really hate her and think that you two should take a breather forever!”

“let’s go we have to take Clara home now and we need to go back to our house and all talk about your life sentence into hell.”

Clara’s P.O.V

Louis and Harry Finally came back from their unusually long walk to the trash. “Ready to go home Clara?” “Yes thanks.” Finally back all they boys walked me to the door and said their good nights all except harry which kinda made me sad or feel like I said or did something wrong, I’m sure it’s nothing though I will just see them all at school tomorrow.

I went upstairs and got ready for bed and by the time I was asleep it was 1:00am we must have been out until 12:00 it was one heck of a night though.




sorry this chapter took a lot longer then i thought i t would i had to write and rewrite it i'm still not completely in love with it but i hope you like it let me know what you  think.

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