New Girl

new begings new friends and love. Read to find out more.


2. Chapter 2


Well for my first day a senior was boring at the beginning, but then I had lunch with harry and his friends and the rest of the day was in whatever it is that you major in. did I mention I go to an arts school.

Harry’s P.O.V

*earlier that day* “hey guys what’s up?” I said a little happier then I normally do which of course Louis noticed.” Hey Harry, what’s got you so happy today?” Louis asked “nothing I’m just happy to finally be a senior WHOOT WHOOT!!” I said trying to get him off of the subject but it didn’t work I just couldn’t help myself I told them all about her. Even though I don’t know a lot about her but I hope to find out. “I will introduce you all to her when we go to lunch okay.” I said hoping that they would all agree and they did. I couldn’t wait until lunch.

Clara’s P.O.V

*lunch time* I got my food and looked for a spot to sit but every time I went to sit down all of the seats had been saved so I sat at an empty table alone. It was a lonely lunch until Harry came over. “Hey Clara these are my friends (left to right) this is Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Louis. “Hi” they all said in unison. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you all.” I said. “Can we sit here with you?” Niall asked. “Sure I don’t mind.” I said with a smile.

 I’m having a moment, my first day here as a senior and at a new school and the by far hottest guys want to sit next to me. Oh no I hope they aren’t all gay every time I have a chance with a really hot and nice boy they are either gay or taken, given my luck I bet that they are all taken because I saw I them this morning with a few other girls (not knowing I was going to meet them). Eh it’s okay I just hope that they at least want to be my friends. I thought to myself

*reality* “So Clara what is your talent? I mean you are at the school of the arts.” Louis asked getting closer and staring into my eyes with a weird look. “Um well I am music major” I said giggling. “No you aren’t so are we! I guess we will be spending the last three hours of the day in classes together.” Louis said. “Really that so cool.” I said as convincingly as I could  but truthfully I wasn’t looking forward to them hearing me sing playing the piano I didn’t mind but my voice that’s bound to make them run. “okay well I will see you guys later I’m going to go grab my stuff and go find the room.” I said trying to get out of them asking me anymore questions about music.

*Music Class* “well welcome back seniors I’m so sad and glad to see that this is your last year here, but you still have this year and I promise it will a lot harder than your past three years but it will also be that much more fun and challenging to sing and dance to.” Mr. Lanyard said. “Oh and I see that we have and a new comer her Stand up Clara Hunter.” He said enthusiastically. “Hi” I said shyly and then quickly sat down. “Now today we are just going to start off slow and get to know our new student and the kinds of music she likes and play a game of four corners.”  Everyone liked that idea and raised their hands to be the first person to pick a corner. “Okay let’s have Harry pick what corner one will be.” Mr. Lanyard said. “Yessssssss, okay lets have it be Justin Bieber.” “Good choice Harry” Mr. Lanyard said. Next corner I will pick Paramore. Does anyone else want to pick a band?” he said again and Louis hand shot up in the air “Beyoncé! She is my girl oh ya I love her!” he said. “Okay Mr. Tomlinson anyone else want to pick? How about you Clara?” said Mr. Lanyard. “Hmmm me, sure how about vampire weekend?” I said questioningly. “Oh now you have some good music taste they are a great band.” He said with a huge smile on his face.” “Who” Niall said with a very confused face. “You don’t know Vampire weekend? Forget this we are going to be listening to them and other bands that you teenagers don’t know about.” He said walking over to his computer. Before we knew it class was over and everyone left in love with bands they hadn’t ever heard of.

*after school* after class I went to my locker and grabbed my bag and headed to my car, when I was stopped in my tracks by Harry’s voicing yelling my name and saying wait. “Hey I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me and the boys?” he asked. “Oh I would love to but I’m going to go do some sight-seeing while I have the chance.” I said. “Sight-seeing I thought you lived here?” he said confused now. “No I’m from Cleveland, Ohio I moved out here this summer after my parents died.” I said and you could see his face saddening to what I just told him. “Oh I didn’t mean…” he started but I stopped him and said, “it’s okay I can talk about it, I live with my aunt and I would have gone sight-seeing with her but she only had a few days to help me unpack and get comfortable and then she had to go back to work and she works full time so now is my chance.” I said with a smile. “Well I’m not going to let you go alone, the boys and I will show you everything and have you home by ten, how about you drive home we will follow you and you can drop your car off and come hop in with us and we will be your tour guides for the day?” he said hoping for a yes. I thought about it for a minute and figured it would be boring to go out alone. “Okay sounds fun thanks Harry.” I said. We left in opposite directions and then met up in the parking lot I took the lead and went to my house.

Pulling into the drive way I turned off my car and jumped in with the boys and off we were going to see Vegas.



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